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    Re: What martial art books do you read ?

    another good one —

    Its how your grandpa would talk to you about shooting. He addresses self defense with comments like “when a man demonstrates, in effect, that he is ready and willing to kill you, your response should not be fearful but wrathful”

    Full of good nuggets that are most definitely self defense, but does ramble on with some old stories, kind of like, well kind of like you would expect a grandpa to….


    Re: Keeping in Shape when no longer taking Krav classes

    The Bas CDs are fun, as you get used to them, during the break sprint or do burpees…


    Re: increased terrorism risk

    quote tech94:

    On 9/11 I was still working as a NYC paramedic, I’m now a critical care nurse. I was there for days digging. It had a major impact on my life. What I meant by my question was that if perhaps more people or even the flit attendants had been better trained in self defense/ preservation then maybe lives could’ve been spared. Same applies to any situation I’m which one person can make a difference by physically intervening

    I am a firm believer that safety and security is a personal responsibility. If the individual takes responsibility for themselves they will train, learn to use tools, and generally be aware/ready to take care of themselves. I also believe that this would lead to groups of people being willing to step in and stop tragedy when possible.

    I don’t know that it would have stopped the attack, but I have to believe it would have mitigated the resulting tragedy.

    I also believe it would give future ‘attackers’ something to think about.


    Re: Columbus, Ohio – Classes



    Re: How to increase punch stamina

    train… hit classes, hit multiple classes.. does the gym your at have a cross fit or similar program? It will come in time, training is what will get you there. All the things suggested will help, but remember, nothing worthwhile is going to happen overnight…


    Re: Moving past level 1 question

    I always encourage people to continue attending level 1 classes. Its the foundation and will only make you better…


    Re: Hammerfist to the neck

    quote Reaper1:

    I was thinking today, how much force should you use with a hamerfist to the back of the neck?
    I’m concerned if I used to much force I could injure someones vertebrae causing serious damage. So how to you work out how much force should be applied?


    How hard is to hard when you or your family is in danger of serious harm? If I have to hit, its going to be as hard as I can as fast as I can because my family or myself is in danger and this is the way to get out of it.

    Im not qualified to comment on legal aspects, you will find that most on the internet will supply some sort of disclaimer anytime you approach a “legal question”. Those issues are between you, your defense, and your legal/justice system.

    I still would rather be alive or have my family alive to deal with the legal aspects, thats better then the alternative…


    Re: Level Testing Eligibility

    Have you asked the instructors at your gym?


    Re: Am I too intense?

    I have on occasion stated “If your partner screams out in pain or complains that you are going to hard, you are doing it right good job”

    We need to keep our training partners around so we try to not injure them, however we go hard.


    Re: Want to see how quickly a knife can kill you?

    quote BradM:

    Have to agree with Dirty_Harry on that. Looks like the stab went directly to the victom’s heart. I think one of the main aspects of self defense was violated, that being distance. Create and maintain distance.

    The victim initiated the contact both guys are guilty here. In this thread there are a couple different discussions going on about this.

    When I watched that video it looked to me like the attacker had the knife out before he had any contact with the victim. Its also a train — he knew exactly where that train was going and he knew what he was wearing.

    Both parties screwed up. Tactically if the “victim” had simply not approached the guy it looks like he might still be alive today….


    Re: Problems with Knife Disarms

    quote Kirsten:

    Very good question!

    Well here is my thoughts on this. I think you are able to “muscle” through the disarm much easier with her as your attacker without needing to do more “realistic” combatives prior to the disarm due to your strength vs. her strength (note strength not size). Here is my suggestions:

    1. Let her actually kick you in the groin, punch you in the face and throat and give as many combatives at 100% power prior to going to the disarm. See how that works for her. I am thinking it will work very well and you may even forget about the knife.

    Good luck.

    In a level 1 class, a wife working with her husband was having trouble with choke from the front. Hubby had a good strong grip and is a big dude. It was pointed out that she was not sending her leg for the kick very effectively. (Hubby was not wearing a cup… heh)

    A moment later Hubby was on the ground


    Re: Students hitting too hard to often?

    quote phlegmon27:

    If I have a student (or students) who want to ignore my direction to go 40%, I “foul” the entire class with pushups, situps, and/or burpees. I don’t have any more problems.

    hmm, I like this…. “TO HARD – BURPEES GO TILL I STOP YOU”


    Re: Suggestion for a new guy with nowhere to train locally…

    You could consider watching this forum and googling (thats a verb now…) Krav Maga schools within whatever you deem acceptable driving distance for seminars.

    Most of the schools welcome anybody and everybody to the seminars. They are not all run quite as intensely as a standard Krav Maga class but it would expose you to the way Krav Maga is tought what is looked for and so on.

    As far as the other tools you mentioned. Distance learning is what it is, you dont have the benefit of another person helping to fix things in your technique…

    Good Luck and train hard!


    Re: BJJ Vs KM

    quote La Revancha:

    but don’t lose sleep over it. Some folks will never get it.

    Those are words to live by…

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