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    Hmmm… We’re talking in NY city right?? I seem to remember I was supposed to meet him one night in some Jewish center. Missed him and we met up during his class in the college the following night.

    Man, maybe it was somewhere else. I am old. I am glad my brain fires off an electron once in a while. Maybe he was a guest instructor.

    Is it a small room somewhere in the bowels of the building?? Walking distance from Times Suare? No equipment, just some sweaty motivated people??

    Now you have me questioning my sanity….


    Dude, you just have sensitive GIRLIE skin.


    Don’t worry about it, the girls like it. Wear pads a lot, get some long sleeved shirts or just get those elbow protectors they sell in every sports store. Then smack the first guy that makes fun of you with an elbow in the ribs. 😆

    I was in a class once where the spec ops instructors were really going into elbows. If you have that easily ripped skin make sure you stick the elbow instead of graze. You can use the graze very effectively when elbowing someone in the head. It’ll cut the skin VERY FAST and produce a lot of blood very fast!! Any other part of the body you just stick it.


    Raffex I am with you. This edumacation is for the birds.

    I suggest you and I get together and go visit the Lions Den training facility. Maybe Team Quest. Whatever is closest. We’ll tell these MMA fighters that they are gay sissies and see what happens. If that doesn’t do it we’ll put some rainbow stickers on their cars!!!

    If that’s too much work you can borrow my leather chaps. You can wear them without anything else and I’ll pay for the limo ride to the closest biker bar. We’ll bring a camera team. It’ll be a blast.


    Thanks guys. Great feedback, I guess it’s not just me that gets turned off by the little things huh???

    John, I had some great classes with you guys in the national training center. I came to LA a few times just to take a class from Darren and yourself. And while I was anxious coming in (It’s kinda like sleeping with Charlize Theron the first time 🙄 ) I was impressed by the easy going and incredibly enthusiastic manner in which you guys instructed. You guys earned respect without requiring it.

    FFDO: I sure started losing weight when they introduced that bullet proof door, how about you?

    Again thanks, all of you. I will be training with my friends a bit more and continue with my current school a bit longer!


    No, David Kahn was an instructor at John J a long time ago. We’re talking just post 9/11. I think he went to Florida just after that if I remember it right.


    I have trained with David Kahn at John J while on trips to NY. And although a bit spartan, the training was first rate. Don’t hesitate to go try it!


    points well taken…

    All points well taken.

    The problems is simple though, who the heck can remember 16 combinations? And throw them correctly each time when someone screams a number? Am I just too stupid for Krav Maga?

    For instance, 11 (or whatever number, they lost me at 4) is swipe to the body, followed by a swipe to the head. You are supposed to block with the arm, duck the second one and then punch twice.

    When a number is called the pad holders can’t remember the right sequence and if by change they do, the ‘defender’ is getting confused because for three years he has been practising to block the first swipe and then attack. (Who ducks out of the way of a punch anyway?)

    Four counts ok, five maybe. I am too stupid for six. I came for a workout. I came to fight. Not a study session in which to remember 16 action/reaction drills called by the number!

    PS: The ‘box drill’ in which you switch from attacker to attacker? I love that one. I also love the one where you run from one side to the other and do certain drills at each side. And how about you stand in the middle of the gym with your eyes closed only to be attacked different ways by the other half of the group? I love it! Sweat is your friend!

    PPS: What’s up with no testing out of level 2 for thee years?? 200 classes not enough? Is there no requirements for instructors to keep training themselves? It’s not like I don’t know what I am doing. In a recent class given by law enforcement I was ‘accused’ of being a special forces guy because of my fighting style. And I am just a simple fighter pilot!

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