At Krav Maga Worldwide, we put everything into the fight.  We train in Krav Maga self-defense day in and day out but we also make our Fitness Program a top priority.

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to our Fitness Program lineup: Mobility

Part Yoga, part physical therapy, part Twister*

Get ready to move! Get ready to increase your resilience!

Our Mobility class is not your average Yoga program, or even physical therapy session; it’s a full-body recharge – with the world’s finest pit crew.  It’s an
energizing retreat to the corner, so you don't throw in the towel, or tap out. You’ll not only repair your body, and better your odds at preventing those little “tweaks”
- as well as those dreaded big injuries - but you’ll increase your flexibility AND your overall performance in all that you do… ALL that you do!

You’ll get out of cars without cursing. You’ll get up from your chair without crying on the inside. You’ll spend less time recovering even after the most grueling of workouts.
You’ll feel instantly younger.

You'll stretch, you'll roll out, you'll'll use bands, straps, blocks, balls, foam rollers, dowels, and sometimes even partners to help make you the healthiest, most mobile human you can possibly be.

Mobility. Get more mobile, and get more happiness out of life.

*Professional Contortionists need not apply.

(Mobility is only available at our HQ locations in West Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, CA)

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