Once the ham and turkey are packed away and the final piece of pie is eaten (with whipped cream, of course), many people find that a New Year’s fitness resolution practically writes itself. After the calorie glut of the holidays and with spring break fast approaching, gyms around the country start to fill up after the first of the year. For many of these “resolutioners”, weeks of haphazard high-intensity workouts slowly taper off until gym memberships are eventually cancelled as participants realize their emergency fitness program just isn’t working. If this is your usual routine, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Krav Maga For Fitness

One of the easiest ways to make your New Year’s fitness resolution work is to enroll in a regimented system, rather than hitting weights and cardio machines without a plan. Comprehensive systems, like Krav Maga, offer a structured path to a healthier you. As you practice your Krav Maga moves, you will burn fat, build lean muscle, boost your cardio system, and learn real-world based self-defense skills. Krav Maga is a fun, practical way to succeed at your New Year’s fitness resolution, and it offers program variations that fit your lifestyle.

Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga Level 1

If you want to develop the skills you need to protect yourself at home or in public, this is where you start. Our entry-level Krav Maga classes will teach you basic punches, kicks, eye gouges, and defenses against common attacks you might face on the street. This class offers the perfect balance between physical fitness and tactical training. If you find that you need more training, progressing to Level 2 will teach you chokes, defenses, and how to fight more efficiently.

Cardio Con

It’s CrossFit with a Krav Maga flavor. If you want to burn fat, this is where it’s at. Cardio Con is a high-intensity program that relies on your bodyweight and simple equipment, like medicine balls and pull up bars, to make you sweat and destroy fat. We forgo the Olympic weights to give you a fat destroying regimen meant for everyone. While this can enhance your self-defense abilities, actual defensive training is limited. Instead, this program gets your heart rate up and keeps it there for a slimmer, stronger you.

KM Bag

Whether for stress or exercise, sometimes you just need to hit something. This is your class. To keep up with your New Year’s fitness resolution goals, you’ll do plenty of sweating designed to increase your brute strength and cardio endurance. We use kettlebells and jump ropes to get your body moving, then we move on to the heavy bag. You’ll learn how to throw some basic Krav Maga moves, such as the straight punch or the eye strike, while building a better body.

Krav Maga For Women

Blended classes aren’t for everyone. If you need a safe place to learn self-defense and get the workout you need to beat the Holiday Ten, our women’s classes are the right choice. No stares. No guys posing awkwardly on weight benches. You’ll learn Krav Maga moves tailored to the threats women face on the streets, like foot stomps, groin strikes, and eye gouges, while building a supportive network of like-minded friends and keeping your New Year’s fitness resolution.

Krav Maga Kids

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic across the country, leading many parents to make their New Year’s fitness resolution a family affair. Our youth programs are designed to help your child reach their full potential in life. Alongside practical self-defense techniques, we also instill integrity, honesty, and the value of a healthy body. These classes are a great way to keep your children safe when you can’t be with them.

New Year, New You

Make a commitment to your health and safety this year as part of your New Year’s fitness resolution. Choose a program that keeps you accountable and helps you develop the body and skills you need to protect yourself and those you love. There is a Krav Maga program available for you and your entire family. Contact your nearest Krav Maga Worldwide location or affiliate today, and start the new year off right.

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