Krav Maga is a self defense system that is based on hand-to-hand combat. It relies heavily on simulated physical attacks to train students how to react in violent situations. Such hands-on practice is ideal for teaching a great number of concepts that pertain to Krav Maga, like how to overcome paralyzing fear, how to deal with an armed attacker, or how to fight back when you're on the ground.

Simulated situations that mimic actual physical attacks are the absolute best way for students to effectively learn how to react when in danger. Without these interactions, students learn through theory, or they can rely on practicing punches or kicks on a punching bag instead. These more peaceful alternatives do not compare to applied methods of fighting and self defense study.

Krav Maga Worldwide offers a wide range of practical self defense classes for all types of students, and though our Krav Maga programs are heavily based around physical attack simulations, exercises, and drills, there are ways to learn self defense without having to use physical attacks in practice.

We understand that some people might feel intimidated by these types of classes and might wish to learn Krav Maga strikes, punches, and kicks in a less combative manner. Students that opt for more peaceful ways to learn practical self defense methods can take classes from our Fitness program, which focus on learning basic Krav Maga movements, kickboxing, CrossFit, strength training, and athletic performance instead.


Fitness Program Classes

Our fitness program fuses Krav Maga´s practical self defense techniques with a rigorous strength conditioning program designed by top LA fitness professionals. The program includes indoor and outdoor training, heavy bag training drills, kettlebells and functional strength exercises, CrossFit, plyometrics, gymnastics, and much more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the classes we offer under Krav Maga Worldwide’s popular Fitness Program. You can find a more comprehensive listing of our Fitness Program classes here.

KM Bag

KM Bag is an intense workout that blends traditional fitness methods with Krav Maga’s practical self defense techniques. Designed to increase muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, KM Bag works with kettlebells, jump ropes, heavy bags, and more. Boxing or bag gloves are required.


Cardio Con

Cardio Con is a very high intensity workout that burns fat and builds muscle quickly, through physical exertion and willpower. Serious results will come, but only for those that can truly keep up with this intense program.


Our mobility classes combine physical therapy methods with yoga for a stronger, quicker healing body and soul. Using bands, straps, balls, and foam rollers, mobility classes are designed to make your body feel healthier than ever before—for better results and athletic performance in the gym.


Available only at our West Los Angeles location, our Krav Maga CrossFit classes are designed for people that want to change their lives. Our supportive community of CrossFitters work hard and push themselves everyday to get stronger, run faster, be healthier, and look better. If you truly want to transform your life through revolutionary workouts in a friendly, open environment, CrossFit is for you.

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