KM Fitness offers specialized and unique fitness classes that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are interested solely in fitness, or you wish to enhance your Krav Maga training, this program brings an innovative approach to the total body workout. Our trainers are skilled professionals and completely dedicated to helping you succeed.

Although designed for the Krav Maga practitioner, this approach is great for anyone looking for an amazing and challenging fitness regimen, male or female. KM Fitness is a diverse and comprehensive strength and conditioning program that combines Krav Maga combative techniques with intense athletic training.

New to Krav Maga?  Don’t sweat it. We welcome students of all levels to join our fitness workouts. All the movements we teach can be modified or progressed in a way that  anyone - regardless of fitness level - can participate safely and effectively.

Maximizing the original Israeli technique and the expertise of top fitness professionals, we’ve built a state of the art fitness program that delivers outstanding results in a relatively short time. Our unique combination of classes develops strength and stamina; agility and coordination, speed and explosiveness; mobility and balance; power and mental fortitude. Some of our modalities include:

  • Indoor and outdoor training
  • Heavy bag training
  • Functional movements with equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, gymnastics rig and a whole lot more
  • Gymnastics, weightlifting, plyometrics, aerobic and anaerobic training

You will see the effect of our training in every aspect of your life. KM Fitness builds stronger bodies and rejuvenates the spirit. To that end, the philosophy of the program is simple and incisive: Your health and your body are worth fighting for.



KM Bag – Where fitness meets fighting!

Heavy bags, medicine balls, kettlebells and jump ropes are just a few of the tools used in this class. You’ll leave our KM Bag classes feeling strong and energized.

KM Bag is an intense workout program that combines fitness and martial arts. This class features a combination of strength training, dynamic flexibility, and heavy bag work. The focus of this class is to emphasize muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Students will learn correct body alignment to maximize efficiency, while refining Krav Maga technique through repetition, drills, and punch kick combinations on the bag. KM Bag builds better bodies and stronger characters. Boxing gloves or bag gloves are required.


Cardio Con – Real results. Real fast.

Cardio Con is an exciting Krav Maga conditioning program designed to increase strength and stamina. Students work hard, but the results are well worth the effort. Cardio Con is a fat burning, six-pack inducing, high-intensity workout that turns weaklings into warriors and instills a newfound sense of confidence. 

This program uses only body weight, plyo boxes, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, rings, and most importantly, heart! It's a fast-paced class built on the latest in sports medicine and sheer body power.



Mobility – An amazing combination of physical therapy and yoga

Mobility class is not the average yoga program, or even physical therapy session; it’s a full-body recharge—with the world’s finest pit crew. This class doesn't only repair bodies and prevent those little “tweaks”—it also helps students avoid the dreaded big injuries. But the most noticeable benefit is an increase in flexibility and overall athletic performance.

Students use bands, straps, blocks, balls, foam rollers, dowels, and even partners to help make them the healthiest, most mobile they can be.



CrossFit – Build the body you imagine!

The combination of Krav Maga conditioning and CrossFit create a revolutionary workout that changes people from the inside out. 

Using a combination of high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, and calisthenics, CrossFit provides an amazing workout that completely transforms bodies. Students sweat, swear, and might even cry. But those who take the CrossFit program transform their bodies and develop a new sense of confidence.

*Please note that CrossFit classes are only available in West Los Angeles.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is a high-intensity butt-kicking workout that uses functional movements to give students the best workout around. Students use their own bodies and light weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls) to drop pounds and work their muscles like never before. Strength and Conditioning helps give students an edge in upcoming Krav Maga best test or just help them reach their health and fitness goals.  


Thai Pads

In the Thai Pads class students punch, kick, knee, and elbow their way to increased fitness and fight training skills as they work fun and intense rounds of striking combinations taught by expert instructors. Students learn correct striking and pad holding techniques while enjoying the benefits of increased flexibility, coordination, and cardio.   


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