If you have been considering infusing self defense and fitness to create the ultimate workout routine, you’ve certainly got the right idea. Self defense training impacts you mentally and physically in more ways than you can imagine. Self defense and fitness routines strengthen participants in the following ways:

Gain Strength Mentally and Emotionally

Many participants have noted feeling stronger both mentally and emotionally following self defense and fitness classes. Participants often talk about improvements to their mood, confidence and self-esteem as a result of training. For years exercising in general has been linked to improved moods due in part to endorphins released during exercise, which stimulate feelings of joy and happiness. Improved self esteem and confidence have also been noted amongst participants due to the feeling of accomplishment many students feel when they learn self defense. Students feel prepared to handle themselves in a variety of intense, dangerous situations. Being mentally prepared can be half the battle, so having that preparation is key.

self defense and fitness

Be Less Likely to “Freeze”

A part of the mental toughness that students experience is in relation to “freezing” under pressure. Often times you’ll hear attack victims talk about “freezing” before they were attacked. “Freezing” is where a person begins to shut down from fear. In self defense and fitness training students are trained on how to mentally prepare for an attack, which leaves them less likely to freeze under pressure. This can be very beneficial should a student ever encounter a situation where they need to be able to think fast to stay safe.

Your Physical Strength Will Improve

Aside from feeling mentally stronger, you’ll feel the difference physically as well. There’s no doubt that all the kicking, striking, punching, and jabbing will get you into great shape in no time flat, if you stay committed. Infusing self defense and fitness into a routine helps participants continually mix it up. This means with different drills you have the ability to work out different parts of your body. This gives different muscle groups the chance to be properly worked. Continually working the same group of muscles is often what causes stagnation in results, so the body is benefited by the change of pace.

Learn to Use Your Body for Protection

In combination with fitness, learning self defense not only provides you with a great workout, but you learn how to use your body to your advantage. Should you ever find yourself in a situation where self defense skills are needed, you will know how to use each part of your body to properly defend yourself. Basic punching, jabs, and kicking all become vital and each student is trained on proper use of each body part in a dangerous situation. This training is what students often feel is invaluable.

If you were put into a situation where you needed to defend yourself, do you feel mentally and physically that you would be prepared? If the answer is no, we encourage you to join a self defense and fitness class and improve your inner and outer strength.


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