From start to finish, Krav Maga training will center completely around how to protect yourself with a variety of physical techniques. Krav Maga is especially favorable for women. It is vitally important for every woman to know how to defend themselves, and Krav Maga is, hands down, the best way for women to learn the most powerful self-defense skills.

Krav Maga Worldwide offers a variety of classes specifically for women. Two programs in particular are the Krav Maga Women Only Program and Krav Maga for Women. The former focuses on tactics learned from law enforcement officials and criminal prosecutors as the best ways to deal with the most common attacks women experience out in the world. The latter incorporates an added mental aspect, building womens’ fighting spirit in real-world scenarios.

So, what should you expect when you attend one of our female-focused classes? Check out some of our top self-defense techniques for women:

Choke Defenses

A common attack often seen targeted towards women is the choke. There are several varieties of choke defenses used in the Krav Maga system that can help women defend themselves against choking attacks and to escape from an in-progress choking.


Defense Against Punches

Because there are so many kinds of punches, including hooks, uppercuts, and straight punches, there are just as many, if not more, punch defenses. Punch defenses are especially important self-defense techniques for women simply because if you can defend yourself against an initial hit, you may be able to escape without any further harm against you.

Bear Hug Defense

A common way that assailants attack women is with a bear hug. Despite its cutesy name, think of it as if an actual bear had its arms around you. Attackers think they can control a female victim by pinning their arms down, but by becoming skilled in Krav Maga self-defense techniques for women, you will be able to remove yourself from such a situation.


Defense Against a Mounted Attack

It is possible that your attacker will have the power to pin you to the ground and attack while on top of you. This technique teaches you how to forcefully remove your attacker from their mounted position and then remove yourself from underneath them.

Of course we hope that none of our students ever have to encounter an attacker in their everyday life, but the sad truth is that many women will experience some kind of physical violence in their lives. It is our job at Krav Maga Worldwide to use our skills and knowledge of self-defense techniques for women to help them defend and empower themselves against any type of assailant. Learn more about our programs for women at

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