biking workoutNew to the gym? Maybe you have an occasion you are working out for and it is coming up fast. Whatever the case, pushing yourself too hard may lead to committing some major workout mistakes. These mistakes can be pretty costly, from ineffective exercise to serious injury. Here are the five biggest mistakes you can make while working out, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Going Too Hard

You are feeling good. Maybe you have had a few days rest and are ready to hit the gym hard. Be careful. Working out too much is one of the biggest workout mistakes you can make. Most trainers recommend no more than 10 to 15 total sets in an entire session. That means no more than five sets per muscle, and only two to three muscles per day. Any more and you risk some serious injury. Also, beginners should ease into working out. Make sure that your reps are being done correctly as this is much more important than simply doing more reps. Another drawback to going too hard is burn out. Establishing a healthy exercise habit is a process. If you burnout for going too hard, you risk never going back.

Mistake #2: Too Much Of One, Not Enough Of The Other

running on beachThe body works in balance. If you are working out your chest, it is essential that you work out your shoulders and upper back. Failure to do so results in injury. As a rule of thumb, remember to workout both sides of a joint. For biceps that means triceps. For abs, that means lower back. Also, on a wider scale, focusing on upper body without giving the same attention to your lower body is one of the most common workout mistakes. Make sure to never skip leg day.

Mistake #3: Details, Details

Slow down. Breath correctly. Notice your grip and stance. These are all little details, sure, but they are very important. Any time you exercise, you will want to make sure you warm-up properly, and stretch after your routine. It is these details that help cement a good workout and ensure that you are reaching peak performance. Also, these details help you enjoy the process more.

Mistake #4: Know Your Body

Be sure you are aware of any pre-existing injury or medical condition before you begin a workout routine. Knowing your body in this way can prevent you from exacerbating any problems. In addition, remember that your body is not simply a collection of individual parts. Allow rest in between days of certain muscle groups. For example, never work out your shoulders the day after chest. Also, learn your body’s movement patterns and design your routine accordingly.

Mistake #5: Getting Bored

yoga workoutLosing your focus is the easiest way to cause a mistake. That is why getting bored is one of the biggest workout mistakes. Make sure to keep your attention on your exercise, and be aware of those around you.

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