The CEO of Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc. (Bruce Mallen, third from left), as host to three distinguished Ivy League professors, participating in a motion picture industry luncheon and annual workshop weekend event.

KMW CEOThey are from left as follows: Dr. Avri Ravid, Rutgers Business School, with appointments at Wharton, Yale, Columbia University, University of Chicago, etc.; and former Captain in the IDF. Dr. Liran Einav, Stanford University (the west coast Ivy Leaguer); and former Captain in the IDF. And to the right of Dr. Mallen, Dr. Josh Eliashberg, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

These men share several particulars in common. Not only are they top academics from top U.S. business/economics schools, they are as follows:

• Israelis who have served in high positions. (E.g., see above.)
• Top researchers, worldwide, in Motion Picture Industry/Economics studies.
• Long time participants in the Annual UCLA/Bruce Mallen Scholars and Practitioners Workshop in Motion Picture Industry Studies.
• Colleagues supportive of Bruce Mallen, CEO of Krav Maga Worldwide, and also supportive of Krav Maga.

The Workshop was created ten years ago by Mallen, and brings together the top professorial scholars, Industry professionals (and over the years has included many studio leaders) to discuss research focused on measuring, predicting and/or impacting performance in film financing, production, marketing, distribution and exhibition. Past research has been published in a wide range of technical, business and scholarly journals. The Workshop also includes a coordinated visit to the world’s largest annual film industry commercial event (with over 9,000 industry attendees), The American Film Market (AFM). The program also includes a tour of one major studio—this year it was Paramount Pictures. The Workshop concludes with a dinner and award ceremony, presenting the Louis B. Mayer Motion Picture Business Leader of the Year Award; and the Carol and Bruce Mallen Lifetime Achievement Award for Scholarly Contributions to Motion Picture Industry Studies.

Mallen, a native of Montreal, Canada, is primarily a serial entrepreneur, e.g., he is the biggest original and current financial equity investor in Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc.; the commercial real estate developer of the $185 million (inflation adjusted) project, now called Sony Pictures Plaza, in Culver City; and is a former motion picture producer/financier; and also a venture capitalist. As CEO of KMW, his focus is on corporate strategy, financing, and the company’s growth and future.

Nevertheless, Mallen also shares deeply with his professorial colleagues above, in the academic experience, in numerous ways:
• He holds an M.S. degree from (Ivy League) Columbia University.
• He holds various other graduate and honorary degrees: M.B.A., Ph.D., D.Litt (Hon), LL.D. (Hon), D.Sc. (Hon).
• He is a former Dean, and a former Professor of Economics, Finance and Marketing, was a Ford Foundation Fellow, and is currently a Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California, and Chairman of the Annual UCLA/Bruce Mallen Scholars and Practitioners Workshop, at the Anderson School of Management.
• He, as a Dean, continued to apply his entrepreneurial skills during his eight-year tenure at Florida Atlantic University, and raised more private donations, by a significant multiple of almost ten-fold, than the total amount raised for the College of Business in its 30-year history prior to his arrival.
• He utilized his commercial real estate development experience by guiding the physical growth of the College and by acquiring the budget and undertaking new construction and renovation of a 150,000 square foot five-building complex.
• He is a prolific author with almost 100 publications, including (a) articles in learned journals, (b) monographs, and (c) books. His works have also been reproduced in top anthologies, e.g., The Great Writings in Marketing.
• He had a very active consulting practice, with numerous elite clients, including Canadian General Electric, DuPont of Canada, Imperial Oil (Exxon), Johnson and Johnson, and various government agencies, including the World Bank.

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