Chicas ProjectWatch the new season of The Chicas Project starting July 9th on mun2 at 7pm (check local listings). In the first episode, mun2 VJ "Crash" readies herself for an attack from a stranger after taking a Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense course.

What is "The Chicas Project"?
The Chicas Project is a reality television show on the bilingual television network Mun2, the preeminent voice for Latino youth in America, that chronicles the adventures of the “Chicas,” two VJs for Mun2, Yasmin Deliz and Crash Barrera. Each week the girls are sent out on adventures where they learn new talents like how to surf, host events, or in this episode, learn Krav Maga.

Keeping with the mission of Mun2, no matter what they do, the chicas always try to keep themselves and their identity rooted in their Hispanic culture. The show operates under the premise that along with entertainment value, the show is important because it acts as an example of positive young Latina role models in starring roles on television. “We get into some crazy stuff,” Yasmin says "...I think the show gives Latinas a chance to see themselves in a starring role on television. If they can’t relate to me, they can relate to Crash.”

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