Krav Maga is a style of self-defense. The complete Krav Maga entails using both body and mind to defend yourself. This means being smart in addition to being strong. Here are some tips on how to avoid dangerous situations, so you can avoid using physical force

Keep Trustworthy Company

Surround yourself with people that you trust. Attackers are not always the boogieman or random person on the street. They come in the form of family members, friends, teachers, coaches, or bosses.

Which brings us to an important point: attackers are rarely predictable. Be careful around people of all walks of life and know to protect yourself above all else.


Avoid Switching Locations

The complete Krav Maga also encourages you to avoid going to dangerous “other” locations, such as a back room or a dark alley. Oftentimes, a predator will lure a victim to the “other” place so that they can attack them away from a crowd. If you are at a party and someone you do not know very well wants to escort you to a back room, firmly say no and insist on talking to them around people you trust.

Safety When Out on the Town

Be safe when out on the town with friends. Keep yourself in a clear mindframe and, again, be sure to stay with people that you trust. Do not walk away from the crowd. If you are out with friends and a stranger you have become friendly with at a bar offers to show you to a hip new spot they’ve discovered, decline and say you are happy where you are. This is not to say that you should not try to meet new people. It just means that you have to be smart about where you let them take you. Always take care of yourself first. This is part of the complete Krav Maga.800px-Bar_amsterdam


Since a dangerous situation can arise at any place and at any time, it is important to pay attention to your intuition. Intuition is that feeling when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Krav Maga and other self-defense techniques teach you to key in to your intuition. So many times, we hear ourselves or friends say, “I knew there was something off, but I went anyway.”

Do not just go anyway! Trust yourself. Nature has given us intuition for a reason. Train yourself to pay attention to what you are feeling and have the conviction to go with it.

The complete Krav Maga teaches you to be smart and proud in your life choices. Follow these tips and get started on a healthy life journey towards wellness and strength today.



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