Similar to other self defense systems, Krav Maga features a ranking system that students will work through as they train. For many this is not only exciting, but extremely challenging. The Krav Maga ranking system  is meant to test students mentally and physically. For the Krav Maga student that is hooked and ready to advance, here are our top tips.

krav maga trainingPractice

The power of practice cannot be underestimated. Students hoping to fly through the levels of Krav Maga with little to no practice will find themselves behind in class. Simply learning the moves will not get you very far—you have to practice what you learn and perfect the moves if you hope to advance and reach a higher level of ranking.

Patience is Key

The saying goes, “nothing good comes easily” and this is certainly true when it comes to advancing in Krav Maga. Moving up in the Krav Maga ranking system is as much about dedication and practice as it is about the virtue of patience. Often times students will look to breeze through each level, but that simply is not how Krav Maga training works. As you train, keep your focus on your end goal. Don’t get discouraged in the time it is taking you to reach the next level. As you practice and train hard, you will get there.

athletic trainingTrain with a Partner

For those of you that have trouble staying on a schedule or staying committed to the routine of practicing, consider training with a partner. Training with a partner can make for a good learning experience for both students involved and will help those that tend to stray stick to training. Training with a partner may also instill a sense of competition to help push you both further as you work to build your abilities.

A Healthy Diet and Plenty of Rest

Never underestimate the power of a good diet and plenty of rest when it comes to Krav Maga training. Integral to your training, your body needs to be fully nourished with healthy foods and rest. If you’re hoping to work the ranks of Krav Maga with 3 hours of sleep per night on a junk food diet, think again. In order to push your body to its limits, you need to provide it with a healthy diet and plenty of rest. This will pay off with your training as you will feel more energized and ready to train.

Ask Questions

If you’re simply stuck on a move or unsure of what you really need to advance in the Krav Maga ranking system, try talking to your instructor. Ask for tips or areas for personal improvement. Instructors are willing to assist on your journey to advance in your training. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if it means you will be able to improve.

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