Unlike some other forms of self-defense or fitness, traditionally, Krav Maga doesn’t usually include meditation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add an element of meditation to your Krav Maga practice. Meditation can help you calm and center your mind, stay focused, and appreciate the amazing things your body is doing.

Here are a few ways to incorporate meditation into your Krav Maga defense classes:

Before Class

Beginning your practice with a calming, thought provoking meditation can do wonders. There is often a lot of noise going on in defense classes, and if you don’t start out with a clear mind, you may not be able to keep proper focus throughout your training session. Vary the length of your meditation depending on the length of your class. If you are simply doing a quick hour-long or less practice, a short minute-long meditation will suffice. Just a brief moment before you begin to either sit or stand, close your eyes, and find the inner strength that your body will need. If you’re in for a longer session or a multi-hour program, try a five or even ten minute meditation. Guided meditations are great for an extended period of time, offering some direction to your thoughts.


During Class

If you really want to center the mind during your defense classes, try working in some meditation either while you are performing techniques or intermittently between tasks. The latter will give you a chance to take quick breaks, thank your body for the work it has done thus far, and ready yourself for what is to come. The former might take a little more work, but may be even more beneficial to your training. The ability to perform aggressive self-defense moves all while keeping a calm and centered focus is something that even some of the most advanced Krav Maga students and trainers struggle with.



After Class

Similar to the act of Savasana or final resting pose in yoga, a post-workout meditation always does the body, and mind, good. Just as your pre-class meditation readied your mind and body for the work it was about to perform, this final meditation gives you the chance to thank your body for that work. This also gives you a chance to perhaps make some real world connections to what occurred during your session. What if one of the hypothetical scenarios that we covered in class happened in real life? Would I react the same way? These are the kinds of questions that you can contemplate at any point in your defense classes.

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