Krav Maga is a self-defense system for the real world. As a no-rules fighting style, the goal is to use the most effective means available to come out alive. In real-world scenarios, this may mean using self-defense tools or improvised weapons to distract or strike back against an attacker or a threatening individual.

Prepared Self-Defense Weapons

When you are in a threatening situation, immediate access to a weapon or self-defense tool of your own such as a firearm, taser, or pepper spray is the ideal situation. Even if you own these items, the only self-defense tools that matter are the ones available within reach when the moment counts. For this reason, the tools you have available to you are most likely to be the ones on your person at any given time.

Learning a self-defense system, such as Krav Maga, is one of the best ways to prepare for dangerous real-world situations.

What To Look For In Improvised Self-Defense Tools

Common objects used as distractions are often small and, in most cases, easily thrown, such as keys, coins, a wallet, a drink, etc. It’s possible that hot liquid or aerosols, when employed as distractions, may also induce pain or injury. Tactically, these objects should be used at the onset of a threat to help facilitate escape or to provide access to a more practical defensive weapon or the use of personal weapons.

Common Self Defense Tools

Keys - Keys can also be palmed with the points protruding through your fingers to form a makeshift set of brass knuckles. A punch with keys used in this way can be very painful.

Flashlight - A small, powerful flashlight makes a great addition to your keychain. Shining it into an attackers eyes, especially at night, can disorient them long enough for you to strike back or get away. A heavy metal flashlight itself can also be used to strike with.

Wallet or Purse - If your attacker is intent on robbing you, they are also more likely to pay more attention to your wallet or purse then to you. Dropping your wallet can create the distraction necessary for an escape or counterattack.

Drinks - Nearby beverages make excellent improvised self-defense tools. Aim to splash them in an attacker’s face. An especially hot liquid can scald the attacker, making for a highly effective distraction.

Aerosols - Whether it’s mace or hairspray, aerosols aimed at the eyes and mouth can incapacitate attackers while you counterattack or escape.

Real World Training

If you want to be ready for real-world threats, you need to train with a self-defense system that will properly prepare you for weapons and self-defense tools. You can begin learning real-world self-defense skills and techniques with Krav Maga. Learn more about our self-defense programs and find a Krav Maga Worldwide location or affiliate near you today.

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