The formal study of self defense has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. From the island of Okinawa to the mountains that housed the Shaolin temples of antiquity, we have formulated ways of enacting self defense, and taught them to others, creating traditions that have lasted through the ages, to today. The modern world of self defense is steeped in history, yet has been able to incorporate modern practices of scientific research and knowledge in order to create new self defense systems that can serve even the citizen of a modern city. Here we will break down what we believe is essential to be considered one of the best self defense schools.


The Old and the New

The tradition of self defense practice and instruction is woven into the fabric of human history and culture, and we have no desire to discuss what makes “good” self defense and “bad” self defense. However, from a pragmatic level, we will discuss what we at Krav Maga believe to be “good” self defense instruction and “bad” instruction.

Is It Practical?

Many of the most famous self defense were developed in a world that without firearms of any kind, let alone the dizzying array of weapons the average person might carry or improvise with in the modern world. Good self defense schools teach practical self defense.

Many “fights” that take place in a training center begin with the two fighters bowing to one another. Is this a practical model for teaching a person how to defend him or herself against an assailant? Practicality and pragmatism lie at the heart of the Krav Maga system, which uses instinctive movements and focuses on real-world scenarios to prepare students for a potential attack outside of training.

Is It Adaptable?

Good self defense schools offer flexible instruction, and adapt the system to students. Krav Maga instruction is designed to be universally applicable. That means that we seek to prepare our students for all possible scenarios, and we teach proper self defense to any and all students. Krav Maga’s natural movements do not require balletic grace, though mastery of our techniques requires practice, like any other skill. Good self-defense schools can mold their training to their students, even as they seek to mold the student to the training.

The Krav Maga Advantage


The Krav Maga fighting system was created by Israeli Defense Forces, and is the official self defense system of the Israeli military. In the time since its founding in 1999, Krav Maga Worldwide has helped train thousands of military and law enforcement personnel around the world. We have formed a Krav Maga student body comprised of individuals from over 700 separate government agencies and military organizations.

Our Krav Maga training centers house the very finest teaching from certified, expert instructors with years of experience to offer to their students, not to mention the benefit of an on-site nutritionist. We make it our mission to offer the same quality of instruction to every student, from our military students to our civilians. We believe good self defense schools are committed to making all of their students fitter, healthier, and safer, and that is the bottom-line commitment of every one of our instructors.

If you have ever wanted to learn a martial art that would improve your fitness while also giving you practical tools to defend yourself, we encourage you to contact a Krav Maga training center near you and find out for yourself what you can learn with us. Let us help you find inner strength today. Try Krav Maga.

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