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We are doing the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) in the New Year. It’s really simple. Starting January 18th you will spend 6 weeks improving your health, happiness, and overall connectedness. 

The 7 daily habits we will focus on are:

Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility, Sleep, Hydration, Well Being, and Reflection.


CLICK HERE FOR THE QUICK START PLAYERS GUIDE that goes into more detail on the challenge specifics.

In addition to these 7 daily habits there’s 2 additional before and after metrics. One is a body fat % and the other is a fitness test. These are metrics you will put into your profile yourself once you get your before and after results.

You can schedule your body fat measurement at any Body Spec location (using the DXA scan) by clicking HERE.

For your convenience, Body Spec will be at our facility on the following dates:

Monday, January 13th from 4pm – 8pm

Friday, January 17th from 7am – 11am

Remember, if you cannot make these dates you can go directly to their location to be measured but you MUST reserve your spot online. The first measurement can be taken any time between January 10th and January 18th and the final measurement taken approximately 6 weeks later. Body Spec will be back at our location to re-measure on the following dates:

Thursday, February 27th from 4pm – 8pm

Friday, February 28th from 7am – 11am

Each measurement is $45.

We are creating sub-teams within our Krav Maga Worldwide Team. You will see the “Day Breakers” (people who train in the morning and afternoon) and the “Night Riders” (people who train in the evenings). We know some of you train at multiple times, so if you aren’t sure which sub-team to sign up for, leave it blank and we will choose for you.

This challenge is also open to your family and friends as well. They can join your team because this challenge can be done from anywhere. 

When the WLC has ended we will host a BBQ/Potluck to celebrate our gains! This celebration will be held  on Saturday, March 7th, so mark your calendars!

During this celebration you will have the opportunity to participate in a “for bragging rights” team fitness competition. It’ll be a fun post-challenge way to come together, celebrate our success, and bod with our community. When all fitness events are over we will eat, drink, and be merry.

Ready to sign up? CLICK HERE!!

$39 early registration ends January 6th!

$49 regular registration ends January 12th!

$59 last minute registration ends January 18th!

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