The ultimate test of any martial arts or self-defense system is its effectiveness. Real Krav Maga has a track record that speaks for itself, but how do you choose an authentic Krav Maga program? Can you really judge a program by the size of a facility or the flashiness of its signs? Is a more austere training environment also more legitimate?

To help you discover which program provides authentic, real Krav Maga, learning about the history of the instructors and their connection to the creator of martial art can help you determine how close they are to the source. Read on to learn a little bit about the founder of Krav Maga Worldwide and where he and our other instructors received their training according to best Krav Maga practices.

Krav Maga Worldwide Is Born

  • 1981 – The founder of Krav Maga Worldwide, Darren Levine, attends the first International Krav Maga Association Instructor’s course, a joint offering of the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Krav Maga Association of Israel. Darren is among the few trainees to complete and pass this rigorous six-week course.
  • 1983 – Darren, along with other prominent members of the Los Angeles community members, forms the Krav Maga Association of America at the request of Krav Maga founder, Imi Lichtenfeld.
  • 1984 – Darren receives his first Krav Maga black belt from Imi, who passed on his personal belt as part of the ceremony. He also receives his instructor certification from the Wingate Institute, and Colonel David Ben-Asher, Vice-President of the Krav Maga Association, authorizes Darren to teach authentic Krav Maga techniques to students and security forces in America.
  • 1987 – Darren began teaching real Krav Maga skills to the Illinois State Police. For the initial class, Imi joined him to help create a system customized for American law enforcement needs. In 1988, through the Krav Maga Association, Imi endorsed Darren’s instruction of law enforcement personnel wholeheartedly.
  • 1994 – A busy year for the development of Krav Maga in America saw the advancement of Darren to Grand Master by the Israeli Krav Maga Association. As one of the highest ranked Krav Maga practitioners in the world, at this point, Darren had taught thousands of civilians and dozens of military and law enforcement units the real-world self-defense skills they needed to “walk in peace.”
The Israeli Krav Maga Association also issued an exclusive license to the Krav Maga Association of America to regulate, approve, license, and promote the real Krav Maga in the United States, recognizing Darren’s leadership and commitment to the art. The history of our founder and his relationship with the creator of Krav Maga, Imi, makes Krav Maga Worldwide instructors first and second generation teachers. When you come to us, you get real Krav Maga — as close to the direct source as possible!
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