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In addition to building excellent students, Krav Maga Worldwide builds excellent teachers. With Krav Maga Instructor Certification designed to efficiently teach our specialized self defense system, we focus on detailed physical training, lectures, and opportunities for attendees to teach, plan, and execute mock lessons. We strive to instruct participants, so they can deliver a well-integrated defensive tactics program to their agencies and departments.

Attendees who successfully complete Krav Maga Instructor Certification become certified Krav Maga Worldwide™ Law Enforcement Agency Instructors for their respective departments. Krav Maga certification is for a two-year period and entitles officers to instruct all sworn members of their agency in the specific Krav Maga training modules listed on their certificate. The Krav Maga instructor course teaches several different Krav Maga tactics and techniques that widen their knowledge of the military martial arts system and prepares them to teach Krav Maga courses.

Law Enforcement Program

1. The Transfer of Knowledge – The basics of teaching safety in training
2. Warm-up and Basic Stretching Principles
3. Dealing With A Violent Confrontation – Improving our ability to function under stress
4. Series of lectures on the technical aspects of the self defense exercises
5. Training Methods
6. Report Writing – As related to documenting use-of-force incidents
7. How to Conduct A Realistic Defensive Tactics Course Without Creating I.O.D./ “Workman’s Comp” Problems


CoursePriceCourse Length
Series I$700 / person5 Days
Series II$550 / person4 Days
Series III$500 / person4 Days
Series IV$500 / person4 Days
Series V$500 / person4 Days

These Krav Maga instructor certification courses (Series) do not need to be taken in consecutive order. Series 1 is the only prerequisite for any of the other Series.

*If your agency has particular budget requirements, please feel free to call us to discuss them, as all prices are subject to change without notice.

Hosting A Program

We understand that every agency has different needs and desires. If you, or your agency, would like to host a program at your facility, we would be happy to build a customized course to meet your needs. Please contact us at 310-477-9977 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Attending A Program

If you are interested in attending a course or seminar, please view our schedule of courses. We offer a variety of Krav Maga instructor courses throughout the year at locations all around the world. If you do not see a course listed in your area, please contact us and let us know. We will work on setting one up close by. If you’re interested in getting your Krav Maga instructor certification, we’ll make something accessible.

Please note that all law enforcement Krav Maga certification courses are open to sworn law enforcement officers only and require agency approval to attend. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 310-477-9977 or email us at [email protected].


Our Instructors are the best of the best. The Krav Maga Worldwide™ Force Training Division is comprised of instructors that are highly experienced in training law enforcement and military personnel. Many of our instructors are active-duty officers in charge of their agency’s defensive tactics program, guaranteeing they have real-world experience and the necessary background to teach Krav Maga certification to other officers.

The U.S. Chief Instructor for Krav Maga Worldwide™, Darren R. Levine, is a Senior Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles’s Crimes Against Peace Officers Section (C.A.P.O.S.), a special unit dedicated to prosecuting violent crimes. Mr. Levine is one of the highest ranked Krav Maga instructors in the world and was trained under Krav Maga founder, Imi Lichtenfeld. Mr. Levine has published and lectured extensively on the topic of police use-of-force and training policies for American law enforcement, and has taught Krav Maga to U.S. local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and the military. He has also worked with many of the world’s top anti-terrorist and special operations units. The Krav Maga Worldwide™ Force Training Division staff is eminently well qualified to offer testimony on relevant use-of-force issues.

In addition to being an experienced Maga fighter, Mr. Levine is extremely passionate about passing along his knowledge regarding the Krav Maga self defense system through Krav Maga instructor certification. With the teaching skills of Mr. Levine and the numerous other Krav Maga instructors, you or your agency will receive maximum benefits from our Krav Maga instructor courses.

Defensive Tactics

Krav Maga focuses on brutal and intense counter-attacks that protect the user and impair the predator. The Krav Maga Worldwide™ Force Training Division embraces these techniques and is dedicated to the advancement of defensive tactics training for law enforcement and military personnel. In fact, Krav Maga was originally developed for the military in Israel, and is the official system of self-defense employed by the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli National and Military Police, and the Israeli Special Operations and Security units.

At Krav Maga Worldwide, we know what it takes to build a strong law enforcement agency or military unit. Cognizant of different use-of-force standards between Israel and the United States, important steps were taken by the Krav Maga Worldwide™ Force Training Division to refine and adapt Krav Maga in order to develop an effective, comprehensive, and appropriate defensive tactics system for the needs of American law enforcement and military. We can teach you the difference during Krav Maga certification.

Krav Maga for American Law Enforcement
Keenly aware of use-of-force issues facing law enforcement, the Force Training Division gathered top authorities in the use-of-force field, including deputy district attorneys, police liability defense lawyers, police administrators, and top defensive tactics instructors to create an effective system for the street that is based upon sound legal principles. By blending this military martial arts system with knowledge of the American law enforcement system, we developed a Krav Maga certification course that builds some the strongest and smartest fighters.

Krav Maga emerged in an environment where extreme violence, mostly of a political nature, was common. It has had ample opportunity to be tested and improved under real-life conditions, proving itself to be an ideal means of defending yourself in the face of life threatening danger. This makes it an ideal system to pass along to professional soldiers, and police officials. No defensive tactics system in the world is more street and battle-tested than Krav Maga. Try our Krav Maga instructor certification now.

What Makes Krav Maga Different?

Krav Maga is not another police defensive tactics system based on traditional martial arts approaches. It is a modern, reality-based method of training characterized by coherent and logical thinking that builds up easy, natural, and practical techniques featuring simple movements of the human body. Because the Krav Maga system is well-integrated, common defensive principles apply to a variety of attack scenarios. Thus, the system can be learned in a relatively short period of instruction. When you take our Krav Maga instructor certification course, you learn why the techniques are easy to retain and can be performed under stress.

Law Enforcement / Military Applications

Earning Krav Maga Instructor Certification teaches individuals a wide variety of skills. The Krav Maga system has received international recognition as an innovative and highly practical defensive tactics system ideally suited for law enforcement and military. According to personnel who have undergone Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructor Certification Training, the most important and striking characteristics of the system are:

  • EFFICIENT TRAINING PERIOD – Personnel attain a high level of proficiency in a short period of time. The program is easy to learn and easy to teach.
  • RETENTION OF TRAINING – Because the system is based upon common principles and natural/instinctive movements, personnel are able to retain the techniques with minimal review, and perform them under stress.
  • PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES – The core emphasis of Krav Maga is on effectiveness and simplicity. It provides realistic defenses against a variety of aggressive attacks, whether the assailant is armed or unarmed.
  • PERFORMANCE UNDER STRESS – Training methods unique to the Krav Maga Worldwide™ system provide reality-based training designed to improve the operator’s emotional and physical response to danger. These training methods develop the ability to identify threats at the earliest stages, react without hesitation, and escalate or de-escalate with the appropriate levels of force.
  • USE-OF-FORCE ISSUES – Krav Maga enables operators to deal with the most violent offenders they encounter, while remaining acutely aware of reasonable use-of-force and civil liability issues facing law enforcement and military personnel.

These are all crucial factors that must be considered in the development of any defensive tactics program. Krav Maga is particularly relevant to modern-day law enforcement, because most agencies cannot afford the luxury of prolonged training courses for their personnel.

Krav Maga Instructor Certification Courses

At Krav Maga Worldwide, we’re dedicated to building teachers. We’re so passionate about the power of Krav Maga, we make it a company goal to continue to spread knowledge of its potential through our Krav Maga Instructor Certification to change the lives of government agencies and military units.

Our Objective
The objective of the proposed Krav Maga instructor courses is to instruct participants in practical self-defense techniques and principles that can be readily utilized as the need for defensive tactics and subject control arises. The key is to instruct participants, so they can deliver a well-integrated self-defense program to their unit or agency.

Customized Krav Maga Instructor Courses
We customize our courses to prepare teachers to face real-world and potentially dangerous situations and scenarios. Our approach ensures Krav Maga certified instructors can teach a person to respond quickly and appropriately to stop a problem and take safe control of the situation.

The ultimate goal is to keep people safe from harm and to give them the confidence and security to perform their duties effectively. We take safety into consideration when designing Krav Maga instructor course curriculum, and all our Krav Maga Instructor Certification classes are designed to prevent injury during classes and in the real world.

Course Descriptions

Programs of Instruction

Series I (5 Days)
– Combatives (Personal Weapons)
– Self-defense
– Handgun Retention (In Holster, Out Of Holster, Standing, & On The Ground)
– Defensive Tactics Against Threats With A Handgun in Hostage Situations
– Lectures

Series II (4 Days)
– Advanced Combatives & Self-defense
– Defensive Tactics Against Threats With A Shotgun/Rifle/Smg
– Weapon Retention – Impact Weapon And Shotgun/Rifle/Smg

Series III (4 Days)
– Advanced Combatives & Self-defense
– Defensive Tactics Against Edged Weapon Threats in Hostage Situations
– Defensive Tactics Against Edged Weapon Attacks
– Lectures

Series IV (4 Days)
– Advanced Combatives & Self-defense
– Defensive Tactics Against Attacks With A Blunt Weapon
– Arrest & Control/Officer Safety Tactics
– Searching And Handcuffing
– Lectures

Series V (4 Days)
– Advanced Combatives & Self-defense
– Weapon Retention
– Ground Fighting (Law Enforcement Applications)
– Lectures

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