Krav Maga Worldwide training is the best for overall self-defense.

Krav Maga is the best training for overall self-defense.

Self-defense has become a concern for many people as the world has become more tumultuous, this year in particular. This kind of concern is a natural reaction to the violence we see every day on a worldwide and local scale. This reaction is about fear. Mostly the fear of the unknown and, really, that’s never going to go away. We’ve seen wars break out this year and violence become stirred up as a reaction to Read more…

Three easy ways to improve your self-defense skills in Krav Maga classes.

3 easy ways to improve your self-defense skills.

Self-defense classes at Krav Maga Worldwide certified training centers are designed and taught in a way that makes them accessible for everyone. Our founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, had the idea of making the world a safer place by teaching self-defense to as many people as possible. That’s how we got started. Imi Lichtenfeld himself tasked his student Darren Levine, who our Chief Instructor, to spread Krav Maga around the world. That’s why Krav Maga Worldwide’s mission Read more…

Learn easy situational awareness tips to stay safe.

Easy Situational Awareness tips to keep you safe.

Situational Awareness. Situational awareness is an essential skill to develop for self-defense. Ask any Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructor and they’ll tell you how important it is. The only way to 100% guarantee that you won’t get hurt in a fight or assault is to not be involved in one. The Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense system stresses avoiding and deescalating conflicts whenever possible. In theory, that’s great. In reality, assaults, ambushes, attacks and real-world dangers Read more…

Krav Maga self-defense classes are the best way to get in shape and learn real self-defense skills.

3 important reasons Krav Maga self-defense classes will improve your life.

Self-defense classes should be effective. That’s really the most important aspect of getting involved in taking self-defense classes to begin with. Self-defense classes should make you safer, stronger, and improve your quality of life overall. In order to be effective, classes have to be teaching you something practical. Something that could really help you if you needed to defend yourself. In addition to that, self-defense classes have to be, challenging, fun, and interesting in some Read more…

What is the most important Krav Maga belt?

The most important Krav Maga Belt level.

The creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, designed Krav Maga to be easy to learn and easy to recall under stress. One of the great things about the Krav Maga belt system is that it is progressive. The skills that students learn in Level 1, when they are working toward their yellow belt, are the foundation for what they learn in Level 2, and so on.

Fitness classes and self-defense classes at Krav Maga Worldwide will help you lose weight, get in great shape, and learn real self-defense skills.

Self-defense and fitness classes at KMW. Get in the best shape of your life.

There is synergy in self-defense and fitness training at Krav Maga Worldwide. The two go hand in hand. We’ve designed our programs that way. It’s in our mission statement. We work to empower every person with real skills to be safer and stronger.  Every Krav Maga Worldwide certified training center understands the importance of self-defense and fitness as complimentary components. Self-defense training, taking Krav Maga classes, and working through the Krav Maga belt levels teaches Read more…

Effective self-defense.

Learn the most powerful groin kick for self-defense.

It’s important to realize that self-defense training is not meant for a competition. Using strikes like a groin kick, eye gouge, throat strike or a strike to the back of the head aren’t illegal. These techniques are not “dirty”. Especially if your life depends on it.  There’s no such thing as a fair fight. These sorts of techniques come from a no-holds-barred mentality and, yes, they would be considered “illegal” or “dirty” in a competition Read more…

Self-Defense Classes near me

3 Important reasons you should be taking self-defense classes.

If you aren’t taking self-defense classes, you should be. The truth about the world today is that there is danger around us all of the time. That’s not to say there is imminent danger around us all the time, but we all face dangers and threats, to some degree, every day.  What sort of threats and the level of severity of those threats differs depending on where we live and how we live our lives. Read more…

The best tips for improving Krav Maga self-defense skills faster.

Krav Maga Worldwide self-defense is a system that was designed specifically to teach people to fight in a short period of time. Our roots go back to the creator of Krav Maga itself, Imi Lichtenfeld. Imi grew up as a competitive boxer and grappler in Brataslavia. During WWII Imi fought with Nazi resistance forces.  At the end of WWII, the newly formed Israeli government asked Imi to train people to become soldiers in the newly Read more…

learn self-defense

3 videos you need to watch for self-defense

3 videos you need to watch for self-defense. Self-defense training is inspirational to some people and it’s intimidating to others. Krav Maga Worldwide understands that. Our self-defense training and self-defense classes were originally created for the purpose of helping every person develop a baseline level of skills for personal safety. Krav Maga’s initial development was for military purposes. At the end of WWII the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, was asked to train people Read more…

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