"After learning Krav Maga, I feel like I'm doing a disservice to my students who want an effective self defense system by continuing to teach them traditional martial arts."
Chet Barnett
ATA Black Belt Academy
Ft. Collins, Colorado
"I am very excited about learning and teaching Krav Maga techniques. It has made me realize how ineffectively a traditional martial art system prepares you for real life."
Denise Balnoschan
Dublin Taekwondo
Dublin, Ohio
"The instructor course met and surpassed all my expectations. The Krav Maga techniques are devastating, effective and easy to learn. Simply the most street conscious fighting and self defense system available."
Rod Carmichael
Unlimited Success Martial Arts
Allen, Texas
"I have never seen a group of more knowledgeable and positive instructors. Everyone here is great - from your instructors to your support staff. I truly feel Krav Maga Worldwide Enterprises will be a partner in our combined success."
Jack Bolowskie
Unlimited Success Martial Arts
Allen, Texas
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