Force Training Institute (FTI), a sister company of Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW), was founded to expand upon KMW’s mission to improve and save lives.  

FTI began as a company in 2011 specifically to address the sensitive topic of Active Shooter Mitigation, and has continued to develop a cadre of subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide critical incident training to clients around the country. In the years since, FTI has broadened its scope to include workplace safety, executive protection, site assessments, and policy analysis, as well as working canine sales and training through its FTI K9 division.

FTI is also the exclusive distributor of the MTS Multi-Threat Shield – the world’s most discreet, versatile, and lightweight ballistic shield.

FTI’s underlying mission is to ensure individuals within the civilian sector benefit from the same lessons learned and training as those who are regularly exposed to hostile threats such as military and law enforcement.

FTI has trained dozens of clients ranging from a wide variety of industries. Past clients include:

• American Honda

• Boeing

• Cedars Sinai Hospital

• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

• Gap, Inc.

• Google

• Los Angeles County Museum of Art

• Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

• Oakley

• Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

• Rite Aid

• Toyota

Additionally, FTI Director Jay Hart currently sits on a federal think tank panel with the Department of Homeland Security providing new and innovative solutions to matters of safety and security in the workplace.

Please note that FTI is separate from KMW's Force Training Division, and does not specificall provide Krav Maga training. To learn more about Krav Maga training for law enforcement and military please visit KMW's Force Training Division page.


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