Force Training Institute (FTI)

FTI-Logo_Blk_TransBG-v2_largeForce Training Institute (FTI), a sister company of Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW), was founded for the purpose of expanding upon KMW’s mission to improve and save lives.  While KMW is focused on reality-based self-defense training, FTI offers a full spectrum approach toward the fields of crisis management, and both personal and organizational safety and security.  FTI is comprised of a diverse and highly experienced group of subject matter experts with legal, corporate, risk management, security, military, and law enforcement backgrounds, who are all dedicated to advancing the safety and security of people, information, and property.

Force Training Institute works with and advises hundreds of private and public organizations in the United States and abroad, including retailers, Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, educational institutions, airports, security teams, military units, and law enforcement agencies . We have extensive experience providing unique assessment, consulting, training, and certification programs designed for use in critical infrastructure and national assets, which offer solutions to well-defined public safety threats, and those that are newly emerging.

Force Training Institute’s recommendations are characterized by a logical, progressive, and integrated approach to learning that results in a highly effective, easy-to-learn, and practical method of implementation for critical problems and life threatening situations. Our programs provide real world effectiveness and legally defensible applications of reasonable force and threat mitigation while improving organizational resiliency.

Force Training Institute’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:
  • Active Shooter Mitigation
  • Retail Safety & Security
  • Firearms Training
  • K9 Sales & Training
  • Anti-Abduction & Travel Security
  • Executive Protection & Security Training
  • Training & Incident Communication
  • Use-of-Force Legal Update & Risk Management
  • Anti-Terrorism Training

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