krav maga at the beachMeeting the Krav Maga belt requirements takes dedication, commitment, and a lot of hard work. Each level of the black belt curriculum will require you to learn specific movements and techniques and spend a significant amount of time practicing in order to master them. As is the case with many other learning activities, like practicing sports, playing a musical instrument, and studying for school exams, having a partner to help you along in the process can be very beneficial.

Practicing Techniques with Classmates

When you have someone to practice your moves with, you get real life experience. It is much easier to perform the techniques required for each of the belt tests if you have actually spent time doing them with someone. If you know someone in your class that is equally as driven and passionate about Krav Maga, hearing their take on the system and what drives them to earn their belt can be very motivating. It can also be very rewarding to undertake the journey together and push each other to get better.

Aside from practicing techniques and working through movements together, it can also be helpful to watch each other work through the system alone. That way you can spot each other for proper form and employment and point out any major areas that need improvement in order to master the Krav Maga belt requirements.

Seek Help from the More Experiencedcollaborative self defense practice

Another option for collaborative practice is to seek out the help of someone with a higher ranking than you. This will help ensure that you are practicing techniques with the proper form, and will also provide a fun challenge. Learning from someone who has already met certain belt requirements and is continuing their training can be an inspiring way to keep you on track for your own next belt.

Krav Maga training is intense and requires an immense amount of discipline. Watching a fellow Krav Maga student navigate their way through the rankings and meet the Krav Maga belt requirements to earn their different colored belts can keep you motivated by reminding you how hard work pays off. Working with them as they progress through the system shows you that, with continued effort, you too can earn the belt you are working toward.

Challenge Each Other

krav maga trainingWorking towards a common goal with a partner also instills healthy competition. Since you are both trying to achieve the same thing—progression through the Krav Maga rankings—your end goal is the same. This can motivate you to stay on the same track and earn your belts around the same time. Having a partner that challenges you to work hard and constantly improve is definitely a benefit, and one that will help you meet your ultimate goal of mastering the Krav Maga belt requirements.

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