If you’ve never taken a self defense course in the Krav Maga system before, you might be wondering what to expect in your first class. Many people feel intimidated by Krav Maga’s reputation as a tough street sport, and far too many first-time students never make it past the doorstep to the training center as a result of this erroneous stereotype. Students in the past have admitted to having expectations of tyrannical, tough-as-nails instructors and complicated, impossible-to-learn movements. Many potential students are skeptical of the Krav Maga system itself, which can be a quite intimidating concept.

The thing is, Krav Maga isn’t scary at all. It’s a practical, useful self defense system that can save your life, and learning it is fast, effective, and actually quite easy to learn. It’s a great workout, too.

About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the official combat system of the Israeli Armed Forces, and has quite an impressive history of militant use in combat and wars in countries all over the world. Before it was introduced in Israel, however, Krav Maga originated on the streets of Eastern Europe as a new form of street fighting during the Cold War, which contributes to the fearsome reputation that it holds today. U.S. military and law enforcement agents overwhelmingly prefer the use of Krav Maga in hand-to-hand combat over any other form of self defense system in the world, and for good reason. It’s practical, easy to learn, and the end result is optimal: it keeps you alive.

The Course

The multi-level, progressive course curriculum is designed to cover the most common types of attacks and threats first, to make students comfortable with using basic blocks, punches, chokeholds, and strikebacks as quickly as possible. In the higher levels, the preparation becomes more intense as the student becomes more prepared to incorporate more advanced levels of Krav Maga into their repertoire, focusing on more violent situations involving weapons, multiple attackers, and ground fighting. Krav Maga students work closely with one another in these reality-based exercises, and the ambience is usually very supportive and fun, yet focused and goal-oriented.



What To Expect

Your first Krav Maga class at Krav Maga Worldwide should be exciting and fun. Our fully certified instructors are trained to lead you through high quality training sessions while making sure that the environment is open and positive. You should expect to learn a lot on your first day—Krav Maga is designed to teach students extremely effective self defense techniques in a very short amount of time.

You should expect to start feeling safer and more confident almost immediately. The system teaches students how to react to the initial shock and paralyzing fear that comes with a sudden attack. Learning to react effectively through those debilitating emotions will also come with a newfound sense of security and pride.

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Your first Krav Maga self defense course shouldn’t be frightening. There’s nothing good about being unprepared and vulnerable, and the inability to act properly in life-threatening, violent situations is an invaluable skill that you simply must possess.

At Krav Maga Worldwide, your first Krav Maga self defense course will be an exciting adventure that will challenge you mentally and physically. You’ll make friends and get in shape, all while preparing yourself for any challenges that might come your way. Preparation is the key to feeling confident, instead of frightened.

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