Krav Maga Worldwide is one of the largest Krav Maga training centers in the entire world. With its emphasis on staying sharp in real world situations and its challenging, hand-to-hand fighting system, Krav Maga has quickly risen to become one of the most popular self-defense programs in the world.  Hundreds of people are committing themselves to this form of self-defense and steadily progressing through the Krav Maga levels every day.

Many people don’t realize the vast amount of opportunity that they can find within a Krav Maga training center. Krav Maga Worldwide offers a variety of classes and programs, so practitioners of every level can get involved. In addition, our classes vary in type; this way, a member that trains in Krav Maga is able to get maximum exposure to this amazing self-defense system. Through the multiple types of classes, as well as the various Krav Maga levels, you’ll find it’s easy to start your journey with Krav Maga.

Class Opportunities at Krav Maga Worldwide

Krav Maga Self-defense Classes

  • Self-Defense

Krav Maga Worldwide classes provide great opportunities for growth as well as self-defense. This practical, hands-on knowledge helps individuals build their self-esteem, as well as feel safer when traveling alone. In our self-defense classes, users will learn various defenses against strikes, chokes, and weapons, practice a multitude of physical attacks, and participate in realistic training drills that both sharpen awareness and increase physical power. We offer multiple classes in self-defense, and with diligent practice, users can expect to move swiftly through the Krav Maga levels.


  • Fighting

Fighting at the professional level is a common goal among those looking to get involved with Krav Maga. At Krav Maga Worldwide, our classes range in style and experience level, ensuring that every person will find a good fit. We want to create well-rounded fighters prepared for every circumstance.  This mentality also builds holistic strength, and therefore makes Krav Maga Worldwide members unrivaled warriors. Other fighting style classes include ground fighting, kickboxing, and boxing, providing the opportunity for individuals to get a good workout while still learning the basic fighting skills.


  • Fitness

For those mainly interested in strengthening their body, Krav Maga Worldwide offers amazing fitness opportunities. Our fitness classes are known to be revolutionary, transforming weaklings into warriors within a matter of weeks. These fast-paced and high-energy self-defense and fitness programs are demanding on the mind and muscles, but they create insane results. Our programs include our world-renowned KM Bag that features a combination of strength training, dynamic flexibility, and heavy bag work, and Cardio Con, an exciting program that uses high intensity interval training to burn fat and increase heart rate.

We also offer classes in mobility, which is a program similar to a typical yoga class. Do not underestimate the importance of stretching and flexibility! By practicing yoga, you strengthen your muscles and joints in a way that will protect you from potential injury. This class is a necessity for those looking to increase their involvement in Krav Maga, and will help more seasoned practitioners move quickly through the Krav Maga levels.

Krav Maga Worldwide™ HQ • West LA offers classes in CrossFit, which is an amazing way to lose weight and increase confidence. CrossFit classes consist of fast-paced, strength building workouts that are sure to make you build up a sweat.  Within weeks, CrossFit students feel and see a noticeable change in their bodies. The CrossFit program at Krav Maga Worldwide™ HQ • West LA combines weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, powerlifting, and high-intensity interval training.  Take Crossfit and expect a significant change in your fitness level.

With all of these amazing opportunities for Krav Maga Classes and programs, what are you waiting for? At Krav Maga Worldwide, our goal is to help every individual develop the appropriate fitness system. For more information, drop by one of our locations, or contact our offices. We’ll see you on the path to extreme physical fitness!

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