Are you finally ready to begin learning the art of self defense? If so, it’s a good idea to make a mental checklist of everything you think you already know—and then forget it!

Starting a self-defense training system is an excellent step toward a safer and more confident future. However, many people who go down this route start out with a lot of preconceived ideas about what self-defense actually is. More than likely, it’s quite different than anything you’ve seen in the movies.

The Art of Self Defense: Beginning with a Blank Slate

Whether this is the first self-defense system you’ve attempted to learn or you’ve tried other fighting styles in the past, it’s a good idea to head into your first class with a mind like a blank slate. It can be difficult to do this if you have a set idea of what self-defense is going to be like, but it’s important. Having too many preconceived ideas can interfere with the teachings that your instructor will be giving you.

Accumulating Wisdom with the Art of Self Defense

While starting with a blank slate is a good idea, this doesn’t mean you should forget all of the wisdom you’ve accumulated. Having an open mind and forgetting your preconceived ideas is a good thing unless you take it too far.

Krav Maga is about strength of body and mind, and you don’t want to become so docile and submissive that you can’t think of what to do unless you have an instructor in front of your face. If you encounter a real-life scenario that requires your self-defense skills in the future, you won’t have an instructor there to help you. Clear your mind, but always believe in your own intuition and wisdom.


Common Misconceptions About Self Defense

There are many misconceptions about the art of self defense in general, such as:

  • If you avoid unlit or questionable locations, you’ll be fine
  • Kicking a man in the groin will take him down every time
  • Pepper spray or mace is enough to protect you in an emergency
  • A whistle or noisemaker will attract attention and save you from an attacker

These are only a few of the ideas that people tend to have about self-defense, but they are all untrue. While heading into a sketchy neighborhood by yourself in the middle of the night probably isn’t a good idea, the fact is, violence occurs in broad daylight, too. Kicking an attacker in the groin may help if there’s no other option, but won’t necessarily bring the person down. The same goes for mace, pepper spray, and noisemakers. These things can provide an additional measure of safety, but learning an effective self-defense system is your best bet if you want to stay protected.

Krav Maga Wordwide: Become a Stronger and Better You

Since 1999, our organization has been training law-enforcement and military personnel all around the world. We are committed to helping you become the strongest person you can be, and our instructors are equipped with everything they need to help you get there. Contact us today for more information on learning the art of self defense.

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