Krav Maga Worldwide wishes to extend special congratulations to Krav Maga Worldwide licensee Steve Sohn who, over the weekend of 10/5/2013 - 10/6/2013, earned the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt 2nd Dan from Krav Maga Worldwide Chief Instructor Darren Levine.

Steve is the owner of Steve Sohn's Krav Maga Worldwide MMA & Fitness Training Center in Scarsdale, New York, and he originally became a certified Krav Maga Worldwide Instructor in 2001. Steve earned his Black Belt in 2009, and later that same year went on to become KMW's School Owner of the Year!  Throughout his career as a Krav Maga Worldwide instructor and licensee Steve has pursued and demonstrated excellence and has been honored with numerous other distinctions including an appointment to the Krav Maga Worldwide Advisory Board, the Martial Arts Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the Marni Levine Fighting Spirit Award.

Steve Sohn continues to be an inspiring instructor, a dedicated friend to his local community, and a beloved member of the KMW family. Steve's achievement of Black Belt 2nd Dan, is yet another example of his fighting spirit as well as his passion and commitment to train others so that they may walk in pace.

Congratulations, Steve!!

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