One of the more frightening parts of Krav Maga for beginners and one of the most fun for veterans is participating in Krav Maga aggression drills. Aggressiveness drills are designed to develop or enhance fighting spirit in students. Such drills often require students to get through some sort of barrier or obstacle before, after, or while performing combatives or self-defense. It’s easy to understand the trepidation a new student may feel, but these drills serve a purpose. Learn more about them here!

Fighting From A Disadvantage

Krav Maga aggression drills force you to utilize the skills and techniques you’ve learned in a dynamic, rather than static, scenario. You will face tests that require movement and on-the-fly problem solving, and are meant to push you to your limit. By training your mind to aggressively confront situations where your escape is cut off, you’re outnumbered, or you’re otherwise disadvantaged, you cultivate the warrior spirit necessary to survive real world threats.

Knowing and Expanding Your Limits

If you needed to use your training, right now, could you? Threats coming from every direction, think fast! Krav Maga aggression drills do more than force you to use your skills in unique and innovative scenarios, they let you know exactly what you’re capable of doing and what you still need to work on. This surety of self directly translates to a faster response time when your skills are needed. Better yet, it lets you find where focused training is needed to help keep you and your loved ones safer.

Training For Real-World Dangers

One of Krav Maga’s greatest strengths is the ability to so closely mimic the threats you are likely to face. Krav Maga aggression drills teach you to respond with devastating force repeatedly to survive. By offering training that mimics real-world situations, you ensure you’re ready if the worst happens.

Just Plain Fun

If you like to push yourself, Krav Maga aggression drills are for you. If you want to see how you match up to your favorite video game character or action star, they’re for you. If you just want to get out of stodgy old routines and take your skills out for a walk, these drills are definitely for you.

Once you learn to embrace the full opportunities that aggression drills provide, they are some of the most fun you can have while learning to protect yourself.

Get Some

Krav Maga Aggression drills are part of every course in our self-defense fighting, and law enforcement curriculums. If you haven’t experienced these heart pounding drills, what are you waiting for? Contact your local Krav Maga Worldwide center or affiliate today to enroll in effective self defense training.

Today's tip is an extrapolation of an excerpt from Black Belt Krav Maga, co-authored by Darren Levine and Ryan Hoover. Available on Amazon now.

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