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    I’ve noticed that I seem to learn and perform better in L2 classes that are not scheduled right before or after an L3 class.

    I think it’s because L3s and higher tend to use these L2 classes for review, etc. and as a result, the instructors seem to assume that everyone in the class knows the L2 techniques and spend little time on them. My personal experience with this was that I would frequently leave the classes confused and discouraged. On one occasion, I even took an injury after being paired up with a stronger and more experienced L3 student, and I didn’t know how to correctly defend against his attacks during a drill.

    I stopped attending this particular class and instead began attending a “stand-alone” L2 class. At first, I was still a little discouraged because that class was full of more experienced L2s, and the instructor frequently geared that day’s curriculum toward whatever these students needed to pass their upcoming tests.

    However, recently things have changed in that particular class. The more experienced students have now all moved on to L3, and it seems that the instructor has dialed his curriculum back a bit so we newer L2s can learn the ropes.

    Not really sure why I posted this. Maybe I was just wondering if anyone ever had a similar experience…?

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