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    I got off of active duty and went into the Guard in Nov 06. I reclassed from Infantry to Aviation (15t). The problem is that I still haven’t been sent to school. I was supposed to have a class date last March, but that was cancled due to the fact that the readiness NCO didn’t put in a grade waiver for me (though I had told him at least 3 times that I needed one).

    Around August of last year I was put on a wait status for a March 08 class date and was assured that I would get a slot no matter what. Well… I just got an email from ATARRS stating that I have a reservation for a May 08 class date.

    A few issues here… First off, since I’m not MOSQ’d, I’m not eligable for any schools, AT (anual training) or AFTPs (don’t know what it stands for, but basicly coming in on my off days to learn more about the aircraft). This has affected my pay and my combat readyness due to the fact we have a deployment coming up and I don’t know jack **** about my job.

    One of the guys at the NTC is a CO for a RSTA company I could join down in San Diego without going to school. I think I’m going to take that route due to the fact that this whole school thing is getting rediculous. Does anyone have any experience with this? Technicaly, they did violate my contract. What do I need to do to transfer? Just fill out a DA4187? In a case like this, do I need approval from my current commander? What’s the deal here?



    Re: Advice…

    Had to google it, AFTP is “Additional Flying Training Period” I think. There’s ground and flying aftp. Maybe it’s something else tho too.. never know with all these acronyms lol.

    Have you talked to your current CO? Sounds like the readiness nco is dragging his feet, but he answers to someone.

    If you like being in the aviation section, i’d climb the chain of command. You’ve already exhausted the readiness nco, time to go higher. I would keep things civil, maybe start off with “I know he’s busy but i’m eager to start my training…” sort of thing.

    My concern is that this highlights bigger problems with this unit. Don’t really understand the grade waiver part… you need a waiver to go to school? Does that mean you don’t need to be MOS qualified if you’re not at the right grade? Maybe the AFTP is like on the job training? Just guessing here… if they promised a grade wavier to get you into school just so you’d sign, maybe they really only wanted you on their roster and now there’s no urgency to get you to school. It wouldn’t be the first time a recruiter promised someone something and didn’t make good. The problem would be if it’s not written in your contract, it’s not a breech.

    After active duty I joined the Reserves because it was near my home. Hated it. A friend joined a national guard unit in a nearby state, so I decided to transfer. They had all the paperwork I needed. Whatever unit you want to go to will bend over backwards to get you on their books. I’d talk to that guy at the NTC if you’re looking to change.


    Re: Advice…

    Yeah, the AFTP is basicly like extra drills that you do on your own time. Basicly, it usualy translates to going in when there isn’t a drill and working on the aircraft. A flying AFTP is when you are doing something like water drops on the fires or transfering an aircraft from the factory back to base.

    After an email I sent out last night, I got a quick response this morning stating that, while we were promised the slots, we were bumped from our wait status due to the fact that people who were deploying before us needed to go to school. If that is actualy the case, I can’t bitch about it too much (except for the fact that I already had to wait this long. I’m going to go to drill next weekend and see what’s up and just feel it out from there.

    As far as the grade waiver is concerned… If you’re above E-4 (p), you are not elligable to reclass to 15T in active duty. You can if you are National Guard or Reserves, but you need a waiver.



    Re: Advice…

    The MP school offers an instructor course that your training NCO can schedule you for and it includes non-lethal weapons, riot control, and unarmed techniques (though it is geared more toward detaining and combatives is a better “kill the enemy” course). The USMC runs it, but only 10% of the students are Marines.

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