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    Hello everyone I am trying to train at home, but I don’t know what I need to make this happen. I have gloves and that’s it. Also I will be practicing by muself. Is that even possible? Thanks you for any suggestions.


    Re: At home training

    Welcome to the forum:wav:

    As far as Krav, you can start with these books but they can’t replace a real KM class. In training it also helps to have a partner. At some point if you know of a KM center you can go to, even if only periodically and not regularly, it will do you a world of good. The books aren’t the same as an instructor tweaking you.—Step-Easiest—Learn/dp/1569756619/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1309030667&sr=8-2

    Also, on endurance, you’ll see folks referencing Crossfit, BAS, etc. I’ve used Kettlebell DVDs by Art of Strength. I highly recommend them.

    Hope this helps some


    Re: At home training

    I second the training partner recommendation. In addition, and concert, to kettlebells I like to use the TRX to train. Phenomenal tool!


    Re: At home training

    Work your strikes on a heavy bag, bob, or what ever. Punches, combos elbows knees…
    A partner is optimal but other training aids such as a dummy arm, grappling dummy or other aid will help you visualize movement. Also working in the mirror helps as well. Try to get to a intro class which are cheap (or free) and a seminar if one is available in your area.

    There is a lot of material on the web, on videos and in books as Mara linked to. Get an understanding of the basic concepts and practice the basics. Also do some stress drills. Something that taxes you physically like push ups or thrusters then immediately move into a combative on the bag or go through an escape technique. Use your imagination and be creative.


    Re: At home training

    I bought the Tower 200 off of the TV. It has worked wonders for my strength and fitness. Although you do need doors, this handy tool helps to boost your muscle gain and lung capacity. My asthmatic brother, who had a heart attack after a severe asthma attack, used to train in small areas so as not to inflame his lungs.

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