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    five fingers shoes soles by five separate one forming the shape of the toes, breathable fabric sewn into the uppers from the five separate toes, the wearer’s toes separated from each other, feeling soft. Comfortable and dry, inhibiting the bacterial infection, thereby preventing the growth of athlete’s foot .
    In the Chrome OS conference, Google co-founder Sergey Brin was impressive by wearing a pair of vibram five fingers shoes.
    This pair, called “Vibram Five Fingers” The biggest feature is the five fingers shoes with five toes the design phase separation. It is learned that the shoes closer to barefoot walking, so can play muscles, prevent injury role. In addition, the wearer can re-experience the feeling of running barefoot, return to the original.
    If you like the vibram five fingers shoes, you can get it from vibramfivefingersreview.org

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