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    I noticed that at the training facility that I go to that there’s been a steady decline in the number of students in classes. I went back to a Level 2 class last week and it was just me and one other student. The class this week had only 4 students. In full disclosure, my KM training has waned over the past year. I would go to 3-4 classes a week. Injuries, work, life stuff etc has dropped my KM training down to 1-2 classes per week (if I’m lucky).

    The center has fitness classes that are consistently full, yet the number of students decline as the levels progress. Anyone else experience anything similar?


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    The class schedule of the KMW NTC where I train would seem to support this. I’ve noticed that there are plenty of L1 classes, but then the number of classes per level decreases the higher you go.

    I’ve noticed that a considerable number of people who I’ve met and trained with in L1 are no longer around, much less in L2. I have also had the experience of being one of two people in an L2 class. I think a fair number of folks try KM for some basic fitness and self-defense skills, but are not really in it for “the long haul”. Then, for others, there’s that thing called “Life” which can complicate any one’s training schedule.

    I go to class 2-3x/week and would probably go more except for that “Life” thing. 😉
    I am able to train at the NTC via a corporate membership through my employer. However, if I ever leave my company, I may not be able to continue training at KMW, due to its location with regards to my home. So, I’ve just adopted the attitude that I may never get to the higher levels. I’ll continue training and hopefully progressing until life circumstances force me to go elsewhere.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    My school does things a little different, we combine classes and let the more advanced work sometimes with people at our level and other times with someone starting out. The last 30 min are just the advanced. This avoids a class that is only one or two students. Even though I am more advanced, you can always learn working with people both above and below your level.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    I think we’re talking about two things. One is the attrition that happens in any martial art (yes, I know, Krav is not a martial art) as you go up the ranks and the other is a general decline in interest (new students) in Krav Maga.

    Just looking at the calendar at the place where I train, we have 11 P1 classes a week. We only have one P4-P5 class. That’s normal and I’d be worried if there was a glut of mid and high ranking students and relatively few low level students. It would tell you that either you don’t have enough new students or that it’s too easy to go up in rank.

    As far as a general decline in interest, there may be some of this, too. It seems like Krav is in a pretty unique spot, so the appeal may be limited to people who are looking for something very specific. It’s too violent for the traditional crowd (just compare it to Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu) but not violent enough for the MMA crowd (who spar harder and more frequently than we usually do), so we’re probably losing potential students from both ends of the spectrum.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    Yes my level 2-3 class has decreased by about 3/4th this year. Usually we only have 4-5 people now.
    Most people just want to learn the basics very quickly and get out. I plan on continuing Krav until the fall. Then I will move on as well. I think after 4 yrs plus I have learn enough for me. Majority of students do not stay more than 9 months in Krav Maga. In my MT class it seems to be under 6 months.

    YES, MMA tends to attract a different type of person. Usually younger in 20’s and more aggressive types. They tend to want to compete now or later.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    I have no interest in MMA at all. I am too old and dont care for boxing and wrestling that much. Most MMA gyms are boxing and wrestling mixed together.

    I think Krav is great that is gives you all kinds of tools for people and weapons. Krav will not win you any titles or trophies but it will save your life.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    All Martial Arts or Self Defence systems if you like peak and trough in terms of popularity. In Australia Taekwondo is traditionally the most popular followed by Karate. Yet Muay Thai and BJJ are currently the popular go to MA’s for many people. Still in terms of $$$ Krav would be amongst the most expensive training systems in Australia because of its popularity bubble as a self defence training system. My mail is that fees for Muay Thai and BJJ are similar and for the same reason.

    One point that I would make is that Krav was designed originally around all moves being done with an M4 around your waist and a 35kg pack on your back. It was adapted well to be a street defensive system, yet done in such a way that after six months of training students begin to show confidence in having the skills to defend themselves and I suggest to you that this is the point at which many leave, because they have achieved their goal with Krav of learning to defend themselves to a level that they feel comfortable with.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    In my gym something similar happens, many of my training partners have left KM because he fells that no have necessity to improve, one go to MMA because it is a beast, but a good person.

    I think that in my case have much to learn, in the past I practiced Kickboxing when 16 years old, I left because crazy people became instructors and practitioners are more crazy than the instructor, many years later I began JKD, I try hard but left because the promise of learning an adequate and real defense system was only a promise, interminable drills, exotic movements… Not for me, then year and half ago began Krav Maga, I like, like first of all that all I learn is easy and contundent, can ask without feel that the instructor is losing his time, and aswer me with clarity and respect, and the approaching is gradual an realistic.

    A KM bubble it is possible, by now new people has suscripted to the gym, I will continue almost to the brown level.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    When I started Krav Maga I found it completely by accident.

    No-one knew about it, there were a few die hard guys there. They trained hard, they adopted techniques from other arts if they felt they worked or were useful. They used to scare me when they hit the thai pads, they had practised striking & cared about their power & conditioning which nearly all supplemented with fitness training outside. They put effort in where they had the time.

    These were the people I started training with & they were regulars, they were policemen, ex forces , bouncers, rugby players with the odd doctor & office worker thrown in. They started in 1998 I don’t think I started training until 2006 maybe.

    In the UK Krav Maga seemed to get popular in 2007/8?

    The classes grew substantially, I also feel the training changed at least a bit where I was. It wasn’t as intense/aggressive, fitness wasn’t pushed as hard. You often had to scale back on things even when hitting pads or blocking knives.

    I slowly started to see the original attendees disappear, it is only a guess on my part that it was because the training just wasn’t quite the same.

    But the swell in numbers didn’t last, popularity waned. The only difference really between the original trainees & the new intake was the dedication in my opinion.

    BJJ/MMA very much seems to be the thing nowadays & the same will happen in a lot of schools I reckon. The classes will swell with popularity then drop off again.


    Re: Has there been a decline?

    You are right. I apologize. I got a little busy with work and I got pretty lazy. I will try to get back in really soon.

    Thanks for looking for me and calling me out.



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