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    Re: How would you teach your child Krav Maga

    It comes down to the age of the child, between 6-10 Judo might be a good start as many Judo clubs have good programmes for that age group.


    Re: How would you teach your child Krav Maga


    A newbie here, father of a 9 years old daughter, just enrolled in KM (3 lessons so far…).

    Everyone has her or his reasons to send a kid to KM lessons.

    Mine are double-folded:
    – to have her learning how to defend herself, no matter the situation, and during her entire life (not only childhood bullying!)
    – to give her a sense of efectivness and simplicity, to know how to follow rules

    Ok, in so little time I was her partner :-). Not that easy you could think, because as a good daughter is naturally inclined not to hit her parents…

    I had her watching some youtube clips, but now I am keeping myself out of this temptation because clips are very different and some are in slowmotion, which is not good for this age.

    As she love KM, I enrolled her in 2 parallel schools – one is bukan (claimed to be IL genuine) and another one which is rather international – but is a way more simple.

    I keep training her for 10 minutes each day but I prefer having professional people doing this.

    Myself I never follow a KM lesson.


    why not to teach kids? Eli Avikzar said “Every boy and girl should know to defend themselves”
    As DoubleStrike said you should stick to the basics, palm strikes, kicks, etc, and with techniques suitable for kids for example instead of a groin kick you should go for a kick to the shins..
    i have been training my kids since they where 4 how?.. just their reflexes, it is not about hitting other kids its about not being hit or attacked.. so i work a lot of inside and outside defenses with them making it a game of course, i work a lot of situational awarness, playing memory games and such, there are a lot of resources out there… you should concentrate in gross movements not in techniques, for example when they defend a choke or a headlock focus in the fact that the elbows are close to the body like as if they where tryng to hit their belly button this way they work with the weight of their body against the choke not the strength they might have… if you work with body hugs, you should focus in space and base not in the rear elbows o hitting the groin.. you should also reinforce body languaje, assertivity and the use of their voice; this has worked for me and my kids i hope it helps you..


    To keep anybody from learning potential life saving skills due to age alone is ignorant. Not pointed at anyone in particular. I see several schools saying “No one under 15.” Why? Mostly because they lack the skills to teach younger ones. It can also be a timing thing. My son (now 20) started training when he was 7. By 9 he was helping our fighters with leg conditioning. The kid can throw one hell of a roundhouse. Fortunately for us at the time, that school didn’t limit training based on age. They actually have a youth program. I thank God every day for that school not being blinded by age. My son’s confidence skyrocketed during his training. In 3rd grade he actually save a little girl who was attacked by a very large 5th grade boy. He didn’t hesitate. He took action while others (including 2 teachers) just watched. Do NOT limit your child’s training because they are young. They might just surprise the hell out of you some day. Mine did.

    To answer the original post…get Complete Krav Maga by Darren Levine and John Whitman. Nothing in there is above the ability of anybody from 7 to 70. After that go to you tube. KMWW has great stuff on there.


    CJ just got his Jr black belt I couldn’t be prouder.


    Forgive me if this is a duplicate. I didn’t read all the posts. I see on some sites, that there is an “Anti-Bullying” program in Krav Maga. If you don’t like the local school, or don’t have a local school, is there a way to teach Krav to kids using the Anti-Bullying program? What would you guys suggest?

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