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    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    quote tech94:

    I have simply reached back and stuck a finger in an eye and pulled at the ear. Only done in training so no malicious intent to actually gouge the eye or rip ear off but did make my training partner let go. Don’t know how effective it would be on the street, but that was my instinct

    Might work, might not – depends on how “serious” the situation is and/or how “intent” the other guy is. In training, I’d probably let go too. In real life, if I’m going to suffer serious bodily injury (e.g. eye poked out, ear torn off, scrotum torn, ankle dislocated/torn, etc) I might suffer that injury but it will be much worse for the other guy.


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    The defense I learned against the RNC is a levered roll after wresting a hook out with both of your arms. It’s less effective than most breaks, but still pretty effective.


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    It is a good technique of defense yourself and how to escape.


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    quote Janna_142:

    It is a good technique of defense yourself and how to escape.

    Please use complete words once at the beginning of a post. I am frozen by your abbreviation RNC, which I continue to associate only with Republican National Committee.


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    Well, sometimes one must defend themselves against the entire Relublican National Convention, but in this instance RNC means Rear Naked Choke. It’s a choke commonly seen in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts competitions. As those sports have gained popularity so have the possibilities that an assailant may try to use them. Therefore, we must be prepared to defend again them.


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    I don’t know whether I beat a :Deadhorse: but I think this situation belongs into this section.

    I did not put that ridiculous comment in it just use the pic as reference.

    It looks like an extended version of the RNC to me and already locked. Could a quick and dirty clit grip or punch work in order to release the pressure?

    His chin won’t release the pressure and using the shoulders seems rather pointless to me. Smashing his right elbow into the clit could work. :box2:

    Does it look like an air choke to you?


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    Can you repost the picture or at least a link please. And you lost me on the whole “clit” reference, did you mean chin and it was autocorrected?

    With as fast as I can put a rear naked choke on someone and put them out its pretty much a no win situation. Best you can hope for it to disrupt my OODA loop make enough space to turn your chin and make a plucking defense.


    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    I can see the image, strange. :Surprised: Just to make sure there ain’t no browser related issues. I upload it as an attachment. thumbsup I am not quite sure whether it is some kind of guiotine choke or RNC.



    Re: Krav Maga defense against the RNC?

    Hi all,

    This is a classic BJJ escape from the RNC (both standing & on your back). This is how most BJJ schools teach it. I have used the ground variation successfully when rolling.

    On the Ground:


    Good Krav Maga link:

    AS you can see, not much difference from the Krav way and BJJ way (standing). Like many have already said, if it is already sunk in deep, you are likely already done. I have seen people pass-out in as little as 2-3 sec. so you got to act quick

    The key is train grappling with a qualified instructor. I have seen videos of Krav Maga instructor teaching grappling that have no business teaching grappling.

    A Weekend seminar in “ground survival” is not going to help you in a grappling scenario. You need to train regularly with someone/people with some real grappling knowledge to except anything to stick in a real encounter under stress.

    Grappling is no different from your stand-up Krav Maga drills. You need to put in the time.


    eh its a difficult choke to escape but the krav maga technique works. few months ago before i had my cup we were doing the rnc in class. i was with this 12 years old kid ( i was 29 at the time, almost twice his height and i can pretty much lift him with 1 arm, if that counts for anything), then he surprise hit me in the nuts with his hand at maybe 30% force? then i immediately had to let go, grab my testicles and jump for a good 30 seconds in pain…

    watching the video “on the ground” posted above me i have to say i was disapointed. after the girl releases the first hand and lets go to grab the 2nd one, the person applying the choke can put it back again behind her head? i guess you have to do it really realyl fast before they can react to it?

    watching the 2nd video “standing” thats how we used to do it in high school when playing around (no martial arts knowledge) hahahaha.

    edit: maybe if you see it coming or have time, you can pull ur car or house keys out of your pockets and jam them into the other persons arm or hand tendons, while you attempt to hit them in the nuts. if you have a knife, even better 😉 after all, its the streets, not the ring.


    There is no full proof way but imho a dropping shoulder throw works well if you practice it alot. The minute the arm comes around get chin down grab arm and shoulder throw by dropping to one knee. If they off balance you to the rear then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqooggN3QCY about 1 min 40 here.

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