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    I know Krav Maga definitely grew rapidly during this past decade. But is it still rising in number of students studying Krav Maga?

    I’ve actually just started Krav Maga myself recently and it’s been great getting an awesome workout coupled with more self confidence if an altercation did occur.



    Re: Krav Maga – Gaining in practice?

    Perhaps someone here can offer some actual evidence one way or another, but I’d say yes, absolutely, for the reasons that you stated in your post. I believe that people are hearing more about Krav Maga through a variety of mediums. They learn that it’s a tremendous workout and a reality-based self-defense system that is used by many military and law enforcement agencies. Another great thing about Krav Maga is that many women instructors are featured on shows, in seminars and demonstrations. That is a huge positive!

    Five years ago, if you mentioned Krav Maga to someone, you got a blank stare. Now, people will say, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that!” It’s a great trend!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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