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    Greetings, all. I am ready to buy my gear for Level 2 classes (passed in November; waited for the holidays to come and go) and I am hoping to know if there are any brands or specific models to avoid or those that are so exceptional they stand out.

    I need:

    16 oz. gloves
    Shin Guards
    Mouth guard
    Groin protection

    I will likely go with RevGear for the gloves and shin guards, but I look forward to reading horror/success stories.



    Re: Level 2 gear and DO NOT BUY/BEST CHOICES



    Re: Level 2 gear and DO NOT BUY/BEST CHOICES

    I have:

    Ringside gloves – like
    Everlast headgear – like
    Everlast shinguards – dislike, these are an elastic tube with a foam front, difficult to put on over shoes
    Shock doctor mouthguard – like, boil it and it forms to your teeth, comes w/ warranty for dental work if it fails to protect
    Shock doctor cup – 50/50 feels safer in the jockstrap than compression shorts

    bonus: Addidas Combat Speed III wrestling shoes – love, these are nice and light, made out of a mesh, much better than the cross trainers I started out with.


    Re: Level 2 gear and DO NOT BUY/BEST CHOICES

    The NTC in LA offer 2 fight packages which are about $249 and $269 respectively IIRC. The difference is between the shin guards, one is leather and the other is nylon. Leather is probably going to last longer. It includes:

    – Mouth piece (Shock Doctor)
    – Groin protector (Shock Doctor)
    – Headgear (Revgear)
    – 16 oz gloves (Revgear)
    – Towel (KMW branded…?)
    – Shin guards (leather or nylon from Revgear
    – Handwraps (KMW branded…?)
    – Huge Krav Maga Worldwide bag to hold everything

    If you add everything up, it’s about 15% off than if you bought them separately. I already had the towel, shin guards and mouth piece and opted not to have it in the package which brought mine down to $266 after tax. Personally I don’t like the headgear because doesn’t offer a chin strap (not too much a problem). Another is that it SMELLS every time after I wear it. I’ll probably need to buy a dog deodorizer to help it dry out. Another thing is the 16oz gloves for me was a little big so I have to wear hand wraps with them or else they feel loose.

    Also congrats on passing your test.


    Re: Level 2 gear and DO NOT BUY/BEST CHOICES

    Mouthpiece – shock doctor is cheap and good (don’t bother trying to collect on that insurance though, just basically a marketing ploy)
    Groin protection – shock doctor or nutty buddy
    Headgear – revgear is good unless you have a big nose like me. my nose sticks out of every headgear there is and gets cracked constantly so i go with this: http://www.proboxingequip.com/pro_protector_training_headgear-p-81.html?pcat_id=95 which means i take a lot of liver kicks because you can’t see anything
    16oz gloves – revgear (but buy glove dogs immediately first day you use the gloves – will make them last longer and stink a lot less)
    shin guards – pro boxing – more protection than revgear ones but the velcro will ruin your partner’s arms during some kick defenses

    or just buy whatever and change it out if it’s terrible. above is what works for me YMMV

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