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    So, I’m up to 48 L2 classes, and will probably hit the required 60 in December. I’m thinking, however, that I will NOT apply to take my L2 test until February or possibly even March. At this point, I still feel I need to clean up certain techniques, and I would really like to feel confident of my stuff before testing, therefore my plan is to continue taking my L2 (and L1) classes until I feel ready.

    I’m also wondering if I should take some bag or cardio con classes in addition to KM over the next few months, so as to condition myself for the rigors of testing.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how best to prepare? What are the instructors looking for when students test?


    Re: Preparing for the L2 test

    You should ask Level 2 students in your school how the tests usually go. I think testing can vary from school to school. I know that testing has changed quite a bit since I took level 2. My test was nearly 6 hours long. I think it’s since condensed down to 3-4 hours now. Conditioning helped quite a bit. Especially in the sparring part of the test.

    I think the instructors look for more perfected technique in level 2 than they would in level 1. I know in my testing they looked for us to follow up our self defense techniques with combatives…not just completing the technique…but making sure you throw a few combatives after.

    Your instructors will have a good idea if you’re ready to test out. If so…good luck to you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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