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    I posted this on the public forum and got no response. I know this is not force instruction but maybe someone can give some insight.

    I’ve been involved in KM for approx 1yr. I train with a fantastic teacher, Randall Koch, at the Pompano Beach KMWW Official Training Center. Through a whole lot of hard work and training I recently passed my green belt (level 3) test. I have decided to get involved in the Instructor Apprenticeship Program.

    I would be very interested to hear from anybody that is in the program or has recently competed the program. I am planning on going to the KMU2 class in NC in Aug and doing the 3day Phase A testing in Nov.

    Randall has been very good to fill me in on what might be expected but I would really like to hear from someone who has actually, recently, gone through the process.

    I would like to know what to expect? The degree of condition I should be attempting to attain? Is there anything in particular they are looking for/scrutinizing (form, technique, teaching ability, speed, explosiveness, etc)? Do you have to know every teaching point by memory or do they tell what you will be instructing on and allow you some time to review (obviously I will be as well versed as possible)? Is there a written test? How difficult did you find the process? Are there any flight, hotel, or car rental packages to offset the cost of the trip? Or anything else you might find significant or might have missed.

    Feel free to PM me if necessary.


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