When we talk about the importance of self-defense training, the emphasis is usually on the obvious benefits: fending off attackers, escaping dangerous situations, even staying alive. Less attention is given to the other benefits, so we felt they deserved their own shoutout. When you study Krav Maga, you don’t just learn fighting skills and mindset. You gain some valuable tools for everyday life. Here are just a few of them.

1. Self-Confidence

Self-defense skills pay for themselves even if you never have to raise your fist. There’s tremendous peace of mind when you can simply walk into an unfamiliar room and know that you’re prepared for the unexpected. Krav Maga training equips you with the tools to approach life with the confidence of knowing that you can handle yourself in an emergency. It’s great for dealing with bullies (who prey on fear and insecurity) and can even help you to overcome a lot of your roadblocks to success in life.

2. Heightened Awareness

Krav Maga teaches you to have heightened awareness. A major aspect of self-defense is being constantly aware of your surroundings and able to anticipate potential threats. And that doesn’t just extend to muggers and kidnappers. One of our students recently told us about how their heightened awareness helped them to avoid a car accident. Because they were constantly gauging their surroundings, they were able to anticipate another driver’s reckless behavior and respond in time to avoid disaster. There are countless other examples.

3. The Ability to De-Escalate Situations

We can’t discuss the importance of self-defense without mentioning de-escalation. While de-escalation is an invaluable skill for preventing attacks, it’s also ideal for other types of confrontations. The ability to maintain a cool head and resolve a tense situation will serve you in family matters, friendship disputes, and even workplace settings. Which leads us to our next point.

4. The Ability to Better Face Challenges at Work

It might not seem immediately evident that self-defense training would promote improved workplace performance, but it can happen. Krav Maga, remember, is about facing life’s challenges. It’s about improving your awareness, assessing risks and dangers, and approaching seemingly insurmountable challenges with confidence. You learn how to de-escalate negative encounters and prevent tense confrontations from turning into aggressive altercations. These are all essential workplace skills that will serve you in any industry.

5. Improved Physical Fitness

As a preface, not every self-defense training course will help you lose weight and get in shape. However, the right type of training can help you build a leaner, more toned physique even as you master life-saving skills. Krav Maga for Fitness is the perfect example. In these classes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of self-defense while breaking a sweat with weightlifting, aerobic and anaerobic training, and even gymnastics. And once you start noticing the physical benefits, your self-confidence is boosted even further.

Additional Benefits

Ultimately, the benefits are unique to the individual. When you dedicate yourself to self-defense training, you’ll typically see improvements in your life that you didn’t even realize were related to your training. We’ve had some students share how Krav Maga training helped them to manage their anxiety, and others have even noted that the training gave them a renewed sense of self-worth. How will it benefit you?

Be Prepared With Krav Maga

Krav Maga offers live onsite classes as well as an online training academy. These classes are taught by certified Krav Maga instructors and will coach you on fitness, fighting, and the importance of self-defense basics, like punches, kicks, and escape movements. Classes are simply designed and are appropriate for men, women, and children, whether they are beginners or not. Krav Maga also offers systems specifically tailored for U.S. law enforcement and military. Get started today.

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