Krav Maga can be intimidating for anyone when they first begin practicing, but no one expects you to be world-class right off the bat. At Krav Maga Worldwide, our students practice at different levels, or ranks of Krav Maga, that let you know where you stand with your proficiency.

Level 1

Level 1 is for newbies, and it’s where you’ll learn the fundamentals of self-defense like how to make effective strikes. You’ll also learn what to do when an opponent grounds you, and how to defend against grabs such as wrist locks and chokes. After about four months of training two or three times a week, most students are ready to move on to one of the higher Krav Maga ranks.

Level 2

Level 2 is what we refer to as our intermediate course. You’ll learn new techniques like how to counter, as well as more rigorous elements of self-defense theory such as distance, timing, and alternative targeting. This level is where things start to get a bit more serious, so you can expect to spend around 6 months training at this level if you practice consistently.

Level 3

This is one of the Krav Maga ranks that can really separate the hobbyists from the warriors. Not only will you be bringing your technique and conditioning to a new level, you’ll also gain the responsibility of learning how to defend yourself and others from armed assailants. Disarmament is a huge part of level 3, and because handling an attacker with a gun or club takes so much precision and caution this course will typically take around 9 months to master.

If it seems like these courses are taking too long to finish, don’t worry. By the end of level 3 you’ll likely be well over a year into your training, and the upper tier of Krav Maga ranks will be just around the corner. Only dedicated practitioners make it this far, so give yourself a hand!

Level 4

Level 4 is our advanced training officially kicks into high gear. You’ll be honing all the skills you’ve learned on the previous levels, and you’ll also be learning how to properly handle even more dangerous situations. This course includes techniques for how to deal with multiple assailants, and broadens your skill set for how to deal with attackers when you’ve been knocked to the ground. You won’t be able to ascend to the higher Krav Maga ranks until you spend about a year in this one.


Level 5

This is the pinnacle of Krav Maga training that we provide to the civilian population. By this point you’ll have mastered an incredible range of self-defense techniques against physical blows, weaponized attacks, and multiple aggressors, and you’ll also have a robust ground game that will see you through even if your opponent gets one over on you. This level is where you refine everything you’ve learned while working through the previous Krav Maga ranks into a fine point, and begin to achieve a mastery of the art of self-defense that few other individuals will ever touch. The only graduation past this point is a lifetime of learning, conditioning and self-discovery within the practice of Krav Maga.

As we said, this is about the highest level that we train the civilian population. That’s because we provide Krav Maga training for law enforcement and military personal to help impart the skills to approach life and death situations every day.

Military and Law Enforcement Training

We offer specialized Krav Maga ranks for soldiers and officers who put their lives on the line for our safety. These courses train our armed forces in a bevy of devastating techniques, and include information on when and how to ethically apply them in times of danger. If you or your subordinates work in law enforcement and would like to know how to defend yourselves with the world’s most efficient self-defense practice, we’d love to hear from you.

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Rise Through the Krav Maga Ranks at Krav Maga Worldwide

Your level of mastery when it comes to Krav Maga will depend entirely on how much you put into it. We’ve seen dedicated students go from completely new to fully self-sufficient self-defense practitioners thanks to their hard work and disciplined practice. No matter how intimidating it might seem to you at first, or what your level of knowledge or fitness is when you begin, you can climb to the top of the Krav Maga ranks if you’re willing to put in the effort. And trust us when we say there’s no rewarding feeling than knowing you can take on whatever this dangerous world throws your way.

If you’re ready to start your training, use our location finder to help make your way to a training center near you. If you’ve got any questions about our Krav Maga ranks that we didn’t answer here, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer anything we can. And if you liked this page and want to read more about Krav Maga tips and techniques, keep up with our blog for more posts like this one. Start your training with Krav Maga worldwide today!

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