With the prevalence of violent crime in our society, many people are looking for ways to protect themselves and the ones they love. Weapons such as guns and knives often end up used against those they were meant to protect, making them a less-than-ideal solution. Many of our students of Krav Maga in Sherman Oaks sign up because they are looking for a better method of self-defense.

Some statistics on violence in America:

  • Every 90 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted
  • One out of five women will survive a rape or an attempted rape in her lifetime
  • 25 percent of female rape victims were assaulted by a complete stranger
  • Only 46 percent of rapes are ever reported to police
  • Victims of assault are three times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety

Although these statistics are disturbing, they would be far worse if they included the violent acts that take place all around the world. It’s clear that we need to promote empowerment by teaching people how to defend themselves effectively. Krav Maga can do that. There has been a growing international Krav Maga influence as people from countries around the globe realize the benefits of this battle-tested Israeli self-defense art.

Krav Maga Sherman Oaks: Offering an Empowering Education in Self-Defense  

People choose Krav Maga for a wide variety of reasons, but it can be particularly empowering for those who have been victimized by a sexual assault or another violent attack. Krav Maga is the perfect self-defense method because it gives smaller people, including women and children, violent and effective tactics to use against larger attackers. It focuses on real-world, battle-proven fighting techniques.

When learning Krav Maga, Sherman Oaks students learn all of the most effective blocks, kicks, punches, chokes, and take downs. No matter your background, you’ll feel safer knowing these moves.

A Strong Reputation Made Krav Maga an International Force

Krav Maga originated in Israel. For years, it was only used there, but its reputation eventually spread around the world. In 1981, the Krav Maga Association of Israel joined with the Ministry of Education to host a Krav Maga course for 23 Americans. Krav Maga has continued to prove itself, and now, members of the U.S. Marshals, the military, the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI are all trained in the art. Not only does Krav Maga help those who want to defend themselves from an attack, but it also trains the people who protect and restore order to our society.

Studying Krav Maga in Sherman Oaks can help you become stronger and feel safer as you tackle the challenges ahead. You can trust that this world-renowned method of self-defense will change—if not save—your life. Don’t wait another minute to get started. Contact us today.


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