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Are you looking to improve your confidence and learn to defend yourself, but not sure where to begin? There are many options for self-defense courses, and unless you know specifically what you’re looking for, it might be difficult to choose. However, few styles can offer the skill of an Israeli self defense class. If your goal is to keep things simple and learn how to defend against real-life dangerous scenarios, then Krav Maga is the system for you.

What Are the Basic Philosophies Behind Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is all about:

  • Avoiding bodily harm
  • Targeting vulnerable spots on your opponent
  • Quickly and efficiently defending an attack
  • Doing anything necessary to keep yourself safe
  • Taking advantage of your natural instincts and using them an additional defensive skill
  • Focusing on real-life fighting scenarios, such as muggings and assaults

There are no rules in Krav Maga. It will teach you to use your instincts during an adrenaline-fueled encounter and do everything you have to protect yourself. While traditional martial arts can teach you plenty of beautiful forms and powerful moves, most styles are not very applicable to the real-life scenarios. Everything you practice in your Israeli self defense class will be useful in real life.

How Is Krav Maga Similar to Other Styles of Self Defense?

The art of Krav Maga features some of the most effective moves from kickboxing, Muay Thai, Ju-jitsu, and other popular fighting styles. However, the focus is always on functionality and not form. As with traditional martial arts, Krav Maga can give you increased confidence, awareness, and physical strength, but you’ll be developing these qualities with the mindset of saving your life in a dangerous situation.

What Makes Krav Maga Unique?


  • Fast Progression

Many styles of martial arts are studied and learned over a lifetime, but an Israeli self defense class is designed to equip you with the skills you need to protect yourself as quickly as possible. From day one, you’ll begin learning highly effective moves that could save your life. If you commit to learning and work hard, you can advance in Krav Maga very quickly.

  • Designed to Adapt to Your Strengths

While other styles focus on finely tuned forms and movements, Krav Maga focuses on what works for the individual. Maybe you have a natural tendency to punch when threatened, or maybe kicks come more easily for you. In your Israeli self defense class, you’ll learn about your natural reflexes and how to best make use of them.

  • Proven Effective


Krav Maga is utilized by military and law-enforcement officers all around the world because of its proven-effective techniques. Its focus is to make self-defense moves so ingrained and automatic that they come naturally when the student finds him or herself in a dangerous situation. It works for soldiers on the battlefield, and it will work for you as well.

Krav Maga Worldwide: The Israeli Self Defense Class You Need

Are you ready to get started? If self defense is your goal, there is simply no better path than Krav Maga, and the experts at Krav Maga Worldwide are ready to help you begin learning today! Please contact us to learn more about how this highly effective self-defense system can help you stay safe and thrive.

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