Krav Maga Worldwide Licensee/Instructor Jeremy Stafford writes a compelling article in the "The Shooting Times: Book of Personal Defense" titled "Train Like Your Life Depends On It."

Train Like Your Life Depends On It, by Jeremy Stafford, is a compelling article on the importance of applying controlled stress to your training by using the Krav Maga philosophy of training from a position of disadvantage. When viewed as a principle, training from a position of disadvantage can be applied to virtually any skillset that you would be required to perform in a life or death situation.

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The article shows drills (featuring Krav Maga Worldwide Instructors Christian Medina and Dan Sovetky) for applying stress and realism to training with a firearm, a knife and bare hands. Not only is this type of stress based training effective for the actual physical skillsets themselves, but when consciously applied as the backbone of any training program, training from a position of disadvantage allows for the gradual conditioning of the mind, making responses to threats come much more dynamically than they otherwise would. Jeremy is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, a decorated Los Angeles Police Officer, and the Lead Instructor for Simi Valley Krav Maga.

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