Krav Maga Worldwide is proud to announce that KMW Force Instructors (l-r) Jon Pascal, Kokushi Matsumoto, Amir Perets and Jonathan Dugas were inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame recently for their outstanding contributions to law enforcement, military and the world of martial arts. Also pictured is Krav Maga Worldwide Force Instructor Brent Ambrose (2007 Inductee and Ambassador to the Masters Hall of Fame).

The Masters Hall of Fame is an association of Martial Artists and other interested parties that works to recognize, develop, enhance and improve the Martial Arts Leaders and Businesses by “Developing and Recognizing Excellence” in the Martial Arts Communities.

At the induction ceremony on August 8th, Jon, Kokushi, Amir and Jonathan were also recognized and honored for individual achievements.

Krav Maga Worldwide is proud to congratulate these outstanding individuals.

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