A couple weeks ago I traveled from Krav Maga Worldwide® in Los Angeles to Europe to teach an instructor training in Luxembourg, and then an advanced weapons seminar in Barcelona. The trip was very rewarding as I had the opportunity to spread the self defense system that I love throughout the world.

In Luxembourg, I worked with a group of Phase B instructors (Level 2), all of whom I had worked with a year previously in the Netherlands. At the official KMW training center in Luxembourg (which is a beautiful training center by the way!), these instructors showed true heart, courage, and the ability necessary to teach at the next level. We are extremely strict with our teachers and want them to be experts at whatever level that they are certified to teach. We put them through an extremely rigorous week, and this group showed incredible poise and grit to pass on all fronts. I am excited that these instructors will be spreading our system throughout Europe, and teaching people to make themselves and their communities safer. I am proud of them all, and would like to thank them for their effort and dedication!

The seminar in Barcelona was a great success. People from all over Europe came to train with me for an 8 hour seminar focusing guns, guns, and more GUNS! We covered everything from the basics all the way to hostage techniques, 3rd party defenses, and even some 'Active Shooter Scenarios.' I also presented one of our newest Black Belts, Miguel Membrive, with his diploma in front of his home school. Miguel tested in August with us at the KMW headquarters in Los Angeles.

KMW Barcelona was an excellent host and they are clearly doing great things in the Barcelona community. Special thanks to both Marc Stoltz of Krav Maga Luxembourg and Andres Bravo Tornil of Krav Maga Barcelona for hosting these great events!

All in all, It was an honor to work with such talented people who all want help make the world a safer place!

Ok, that's all for now... Go do some Krav Maga today!

A.J. Draven
KMW Lead Instructor
Twitter - @AJDraven

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