dumaualsOn September 3rd in Santa Ana, California, a man’s training with the Israeli self defense course known as Krav Maga saved his life during a tense, late-night armed robbery.

Erickson Dumaual was relaxing in bed when the robbery took place. It was four in the morning, and with little warning, Dumaual found himself with a gun to his head with one of two armed intruders demanding that Dumaual tell him where valuables were kept in the house. Dumaual tried to tell the intruders that there was nothing in the house worth taking, but the would-be robbers were undeterred. As the second intruder searched for anything of value, the first one made a key mistake.

As soon as Dumaual noticed that the first intruder had looked away, checking on the second intruder’s progress, he went for the gun. A brief struggle ensued, but Dumaual relied on the seven years of training he had gleaned from his Israeli self defense course. Krav Maga taught him what he needed to know in order to pin his attacker against the wall and swiftly disarm him. At this point the second intruder simply ran off—a wise decision.

There was a bit of a struggle, and even after having been disarmed, the first intruder continued to attack Dumaual. At this point, Dumaual’s main priority was ensuring the safety of his wife and child. Armed with the robber’s gun, he felt he had no choice but to pull the trigger, shooting his attacker in the leg. Thinking quickly, he shoved his attacker into the pool and managed to guide his family to safety with no injuries.santa-ana-better

Were it not for Dumaual’s experience with the Israeli self defense course that is Krav Maga, the series of events may have turned out much different. Training with Krav Maga gives people of any gender and age valuable skills in the areas of self-defense and disarmament. Krav Maga Worldwide has multiple locations in Southern California, from Sherman Oaks to West Los Angeles. If you think that some self-defense knowledge might be good for you, then this Israeli self defense course is h



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