Our Krav Maga school of self-defense is based on a system that was tailor-made for the Israeli military. This system has now expanded to include CrossFit, yoga, physical therapy, cardio workouts and more—all alongside the original self-defense method. The result is an exercise routine that is unmatched in its ability to get you fit and teach you self-defense in the process. Our philosophy is that your health and body are worth fighting for. Let us teach you how to start caring for yourself today.

Avoid Confrontation


We offer classes in West LA and Sherman Oaks that are designed to teach you how to fight on the street using a variety of physical techniques. Our Krav Maga school of self-defense teaches you to how to fight, and to protect yourself in the event of a violent encounter...but we’ll also help you develop situational awareness, which can de-escalate confrontations and/or avoid dangerous situations altogether whenever possible.

 Some quick tips to avoid confrontation include:

  1. Paying attention to your surroundings. Always keep an eye out for an escape route or multiple adversaries

Following your intuition. Get out of any place that feels dangerous. If it feels like an unsafe spot, it probably is.

De-escalating a verbal confrontation. If you come from a place of confidence, respect, and strength, you can often calm your opponent before they throw a punch.

Have Compassion In All Areas of Life

Our Krav Maga school of self-defense does not just talk the talk when it comes to civilized behavior—we walk the walk. For example, we recently formed a partnership with STOP CANCER to support groundbreaking cancer research at UCLA, USC, and the City of Hope’s Comprehensive Cancer Centers at their National Cancer Institute.

Our Krav Maga school of self-defense is full of talented instructors who are filled with integrity as well as spunk. Come in to one of our locations in Los Angeles to get to know us. You will quickly see that though the basis in Israeli military training may sound intimidating, we are eager to help you reach your personal goals as well as fitness goals.

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