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If you’re ready to take your personal fitness to the next level, check out Krav Maga in Virginia. You can experience all the benefits this self-defense system offers right in your neighborhood with Krav Maga Worldwide’s affiliate training centers. Take on new self-defense and fitness classes to push beyond your limits.Our self-defense classes in Virginia are designed around the same techniques developed for the Israel Defense Forces. Military and law enforcement units rely on this style of training to prepare themselves for the field. With our instruction—focusing on practical techniques and instinctive movements—you’ll sharpen your mind and body in ways you never imagined.

Krav Maga in Virginia

Krav Maga Worldwide is an industry leader in fitness and self-defense training. Our instructors draw on years of experience from more than 150 affiliate locations around the globe to bring you the most practical sessions. Experience Krav Maga in Virginia when you sign up for one of our classes today.

Classes That Meet Your Goals

We are committed to helping you reach any fitness goal. You’ll find a professional and supportive environment at our training centers. Instructors are passionate about helping everyone discover their ultimate physical and mental peaks, regardless of age or skill level. From self-defense training to fitness-focused sessions and beyond, you’ll discover something for you at Krav Maga Worldwide certified training centers.

Reach Your Peak Fitness

Don’t wait any longer to become a healthier and more fit person! We offer all of the benefits of Krav Maga to Virginia residents who are ready to take charge of their personal wellness. Start your journey to better health when you sign up for a class today with an affiliate of Krav Maga Worldwide.

Krav Maga Northern Virginia
8253 Backlick Rd.# D
Lorton, VA 22079
Contact: Peter Giannetti
Phone: 703-339-0881
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Virginia Beach
Thomas’ Black Belt Academy III, Inc
3809 Princess Anne Rd. Suite #116
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Tel: 757-471-9002
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