There are many methods to focus on when learning self-defense, but there are actually many factors to consider when it comes to being successful in martial arts.


Effective Self-Defense Includes Offensive Tactics

Many of the best methods to learn self-defense include training in both defensive and offensive tactics. While violent scenarios should be avoided at all costs, sometimes they are simply unavoidable. It’s not your fault if a mugger targeted you, but Krav Maga Worldwide’s instructors will make sure that you are prepared to defend yourself. While using defensive tactics from our revolutionary, reality-based self-defense class is important, sometimes the only way to get yourself out of a bad situation is to fight back.

Our skilled instructors will teach you how to properly protect yourself from being grabbed and choked, as well as how to fight from a standing or ground position. While many of our fighting techniques are incorporated into our self-defense classes, students benefit from training in our fighting program as well.


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Focusing on self-defense while learning how to block various strikes and chokes, as well as weapon use, are at the top of the list during training. Additionally, students at Krav Maga Worldwide will be trained in mental preparation. To effectively learn self-defense, your mind and body should not be two separate entities—they should be connected. In the heat of the moment you should be able to perform instinctive movements and channel your adrenaline into your techniques.

Through our training, students will become more aware of their surroundings, be confident in their abilities, and learn how to function under pressure. Some students will even take part in real-life scenarios and use blocks and counterattacks that they’ve learned in class.

Pick the Right Class for You

To find the best method for you, you should look into why you want to learn self-defense. What do you want to get out of it? Are you just interested in the fitness benefits? Are you looking to learn self-defense tactics that are more general?

At Krav Maga Worldwide we offer a wide selection of programs and concentrations. We have programs tailored for a variety of people, including self-defense classes for sworn officers, children between five and 13 years old, and a woman-centered program. Find which class is best for you, including your experience level, and get ready to train hard.


Train at Your Own Pace

One of the best methods that will help you succeed in self-defense classes is sheer effort. As long as your mind and body are both focused, and you practice two to three times a week, you will see a transformation. While each class has an average amount of time needed to complete the curriculum, it’s all up to you—you set out to learn self-defense to reach your own goals, so you can train at your own pace.

While there are many methods to reach success in martial arts training, you should always remember your primary goal and feel motivated to reach it. Call Krav Maga Worldwide today to take your first step toward confidence and empowerment!




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